Monday 08 August 2022

Naikela Botanical’s critical focus on the importance of water-soluble nutrition

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., USA — Naikela Botanicals is the original tea powder company. The popular beverage brand has developed five powerful, adaptogenic tea powders, all of which are homegrown within the company’s 131-acre base of operations off of the sunny shores of the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

This idyllic setting has allowed Naikela Botanicals to focus on delivering quality tea powder blends, products that are uniquely suited to address one of the most important aspects of healthy living: water-soluble nutrition.

“Water-soluble nutrition isn’t appreciated or understood properly in our modern society,” explains Naikela’s co-founder and chief blend master, Aaron Moeller. “You can’t casually add this kind of liquid nutrition to your diet like a daily vitamin. These are essential elements that aren’t stored by the body and need to be replenished every couple of hours.”

Moeller isn’t the only one with a definitive stance on the importance of water-soluble nutrition. There are countless studies that address how critical this oft-overlooked part of daily nutrition is.

For instance, one study co-authored by Jacqueline Lydstad of Midwestern University and Sandeep Sharma of Mery Fitzgerald Hospital definitively states that a deficiency of any of the nine water-soluble vitamins (which include vitamin C and a variety of vitamin B derivatives) “results in a clinical syndrome that may result in severe morbidity and mortality.”

Several other studies confirm that getting healthy levels of basic water-soluble nutrition doesn’t just help with general health. It may also be able to reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Water-soluble nutrition is a critical part of both short-term survival and long-term health. The problem is ensuring that individuals are getting enough of these critical supplements on a consistent basis. This is primarily done through diet, but that can be hard to track. That’s where Naikela comes into the picture.

The tea powder brand’s five blends are an ideal way to source water-soluble essentials like vitamins C and B as well as electrolytes. All that’s needed is to add a dose of the powder to hot water, iced tea, a shake, or some other similar water-based beverage.

With water-soluble nutrition finally coming into the spotlight, it’s important for consumers to understand not just how important this nutritional channel is, but to know how they can maintain their water-soluble nutritional intake. Fortunately, Naikela Botanicals is offering just that solution in the form of its delectable, organic, and nutrient-packed tea powders.

Naikela Botanicals is operated by Aaron Moeller. The herbal mixologist sustainably farms at Makanalani, a 131-acre agricultural property and nonprofit youth center on Kauai’s North Shore. Learn more about both Naikela and Makanalani at

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