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Mzb Group’s Sustainability Report included in the Index Future Respect 2020

Index Future Respect MZB Group

MILAN – Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group’s Sustainability Report has been selected by a group of 250 consumers focused on sustainable development objectives and included within the “Index Future Respect 2020”.

“MZBG’s Sustainability Report confirms a solid and visionary company, which deserves the consumers’ appreciation; during these difficult times (Covid-19) it generates trust and promotes responsible lifestyles, helping consumers make conscious choices”.

ConsumerLab offers its experience in the world of consumer goods together with the expertise of a high-profile academic and professional team, assisted by a group of qualified experts.

Its goal is promoting the sustainability culture by reporting the best practices and success cases selected from the main companies’ non- financial statements.

“Index Future Respect” annually presents those Sustainability Reports that consumers consider as the most representative of a sustainable governance.