Sunday 05 February 2023

Mythos One is the 2018 UK Barista Championship official coffee grinder

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LONDON, UK – Mythos One is the 2018 UK Barista Championship official coffee grinder. The competition will take place on April 12-15 during the London Coffee Festival where baristas will work with Mythos One on demand grinder to offer their professionalism and share their passion to judges.

The UK Barista Championship is the UK’s premier coffee competition and showcases barista perfection.

Each competitor will have 15 minutes to produce three sets of four drinks; espresso, milk beverage and a signature beverage.

Set to music and with an accompanying presentation, each UKBC routine is a platform for innovation and education.

About Mythos One

Mythos One with Clima Pro technology offers the barista another opportunity to get the highest quality in the cup.

Coffee, as everyone knows, should always be freshly ground, because this is the only way to avoid the aroma dispersing and it prevents the oxidation that can produce a rancid taste.

On demand coffee grinders are very popular for this, as they always give fresh and better quality coffee. What you may not all know though, is that the dosage of “on demand” coffee is not always constant.

It tends to vary mainly depending on how much the grinder is used. Through experimentation, Victoria Arduino engineers discovered that the temperature of the millstones has a significant impact on the constancy of the dose.

Clima Pro

For this reason, Victoria Arduino has developed the innovative “Clima Pro”, which through intelligent management of the milling chamber temperature means doses are kept constant and there is a better quality of espresso extraction.

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