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Mystery Box: The Trial with a surprise ingredient for The Gelato World Cup

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RIMINIOf the eight trials of the next edition of the Gelato World Cup, at SIGEP 2018 (Rimini Expo Centre, 20-24 January 2018) the Mystery Box is definitely the one that arouses the most curiosity on behalf of the public and causes a little worry among members of the 12 competing teams (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Korea, France, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA).

The Mystery box is the most complex trial, the one in which the master gelato makers’ skill, experience and fantasy are put to the test. The challenge consists in preparing a good artisan gelato with the basic ingredient, provided by one of the Mystery Sponsors, drawn to be coupled with the 12 teams just before the competition.

An ingredient will be drawn from the 12 available and, using it, the team will be required to prepare a gelato recipe and make it in a short time. The gelato made and the recipe prepared on the spot will be judged by the jury.

This will be a combination of ingeniousness: that of the master gelato makers and that of the companies of the Italian agri-food elite, who will carefully choose the “surprise” to be entrusted to the gelato makers’ fantasy.

Moreover, as of this edition, the teams will also show their skill with a second gelato for the Mystery trial.

One prepared with frozen fruit pulp drawn by the teams and supplied by Golden Sponsor Capfruit, with the compulsory combination with a spice, aromatic herb or vegetable and served in an artisan cone made by Ostificio Prealpino.

The Gelato World Cup is a biennial event organized by SIGEP and Gelato e Cultura that compares and highlights the culture and skills of gelato, pastry, chocolate and haut cuisine professionals selected among top experts from five continents.

At the 39th SIGEP, the world’s leading expo for artisan confectionery and market trendsetter, it is precisely the excellence of Italian made products that is truly highlighted.

The Mystery Sponsors

Caffè Camardo 1048

Four generations of excellent coffee. The blend of several single origin coffees comes from South America, Africa and Asia, ensuring the quality of a product now divided into six lines.

Caffè Camardo has trade members’ training at heart and organizes courses which start off with the knowledge of the concepts fundamental, summed up in five key points: Blend, Grinder-dosers, Espresso machines, Operators’ ability and Maintenance.


The dream of a collaborative excellent milk product chain took off 60 years ago, with the foundation of the cooperative that was to become Granlatte, Italy’s largest milk producer. The product supplied for the Mystery Box is Granarolo Ricotta cheese, a great classic of Italian pastry and gelato, the use of which is rooted in the traditions of Southern Italy.

Le Rose di Maryia Ilieva

Damask roses are symbols of beauty, flowers with unique properties, simple, delicate and feminine. They are is grown in the renowned “Valley of Roses” in Bulgaria, where there are rose gardens that for over 350 years have enabled to continue the tradition that results in products that ensuring wellness and harmony. This flower is at the base of the most original ingredients offered to the Mystery box: Damask rose petal jam.


Antica Pasticceria Muzzi is an established company in Italy for confectionery production and sale.

The company ensures that the ingredients with which its products are made do not originate from or include compositions derived from Genetically Modified Organisms. The product presented at the Gelato World Cup is the renowned Muzzi Panettone. Famous for its unique aroma and softness, obtained thanks to the use of top grade raw materials and slow scrupulous preparation.

Stefania Calugi

The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Castelfiorentino (Florence), in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Right from the first day, Stefania Calugi began selling fresh truffles to the catering trade, selecting the products from a network of trusted truffle hunters chosen through the years by her father Renato. As well as fresh and frozen products, the company offers a range of preserved products, currently made up of approximately 150 items. Since 2015, all the company’s products are gluten-free and the first vegan items were launched in 2017.


The company is presenting one of the most popular sweets with clients of all ages, the historic Mou Polacca fudge, which has always been a great favourite in Italy too. Its artisan production uses the age-old original recipe, with only simple genuine ingredients: butter, sugar and milk. A top quality sweet, typical of the UK and USA. Vicentini is a fourth-generation confectionery company headquartered in Thiene, in the north of Italy’s Vicenza province.

The Gelato World Cup Official Sponsors

Platinum sponsors: Comprital (gelato ingredients), Valrhona (chocolate) and Electrolux (equipment).

Gold Sponsors: Carpigiani (gelato making machinery), Capfruit (frozen fruit).

Silver Sponsors: Ifi (showcases), Medac (paper cups), Silikomart (moulds).

Technical sponsors: Eurovo (eggs), Ostificio Prealpino (cones), Sara Creazioni (work-wear), Sosa (spices), Caffè Camardo (coffee), Granarolo (milk), Wega (coffee machines).

Mystery sponsors: Muzzi (panettone), Vicentini (mou polacche), Granarolo (ricotta cheese), Le Rose di Mariya Ilieva (Damask rose petal jam), Caffè Camardo (coffee), Tartufo Calugi (truffles).

Supporters: Sculture di Ghiaccio (ice), Metalmobil (furnishings and fittings), Paperlynen Pal Caps (headwear).

Media Partners: Punto.It and Pasticceria Internazionale.

Focus on Sigep 2018

Dates: 20 – 24 January 2018; Organizers: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; edition: 39th SIGEP; frequency: annual; classification: international; admittance: trade members only; hours: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, last day 9:30 am – 3:00 pm (3:00 – 5:00 pm only with online tickets); web site: www.sigep.it – #Sigep2018


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