Tuesday 18 January 2022

Mumac Academy explores the world of Slayer in an online workshop on February 18th

Mumac Academy’s first online training event dedicated to the Slayer brand in collaboration with Chiara Bergonzi is scheduled for 18 February

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MILAN, Italy – Mumac Academy explores the world of Slayer, providing a special space to its iconic products. An opportunity to introduce and tell the story of this brand, which focuses on true “coffee people”. The special guest will be Chiara Bergonzi, founder of the Lot Zero micro-roastery and one of the first great Italian Slayer lovers, who has installed a Slayer Espresso machine in her roastery.

Mumac Academy and Slayer launch the “American vibes: Slayer, a new way of interpreting espresso” online workshop

The online event includes a presentation of the Slayer brand, from its origins to the present day, intended to outline the features of a product created by and for coffee lovers: icons of design and craftsmanship that can create a profound relationship with those who have a deep understanding of raw coffee, allowing manual, yet precise and revolutionary extraction.

There will also be a discussion of the various types of coffee shops in the world where Slayer is present, involving different forms of consumption, offering an insight into the most advanced and coolest current trends. Finally, there will be an overview dedicated to the technology behind the Slayer products, Espresso and Steam LP, displayed with the assistance of Chiara Bergonzi, who will experiment with various coffee extractions.

This workshop is the first of a series of online events that MUMAC Academy and Slayer will organise in the coming months

The second event scheduled for March 2021 will be dedicated to the best-selling product in Italy: the Slayer Steam LP. Slayer has been part of Gruppo Cimbali since the end of 2017. The partnership was part of the expansion strategy of both the brand and the Group, allowing it to consolidate its position in the “radical” segment. The partnership allowed Gruppo Cimbali to strengthen its presence in the American market through its direct presence in Seattle, one of the global centres of espresso coffee.

The online workshop, which is free of charge, open to a limited number of participants and in Italian, will be held on 18 February at 4 pm (CET) on Microsoft Teams

To sign up: http://bit.ly/workshop-slayer-feb2021-en

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