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Mumac Academy continues with its «Hands On S15» training activities dedicated to end users

Hands On S15

MILAN – The training activities of the “Hands on S15” program continue: a full immersion in the world of fully automatic coffee machines, in particular LaCimbali S15, that allows you to experience a perfectly brewed espresso with the help of technology and automation. An artisan “Barista-like” experience in places where there isn’t a competent barista. The program started with training sessions dedicated to LaCimbali distributors around the world, followed by the first online workshops on fully automatics open to anyone interested.

More events will be dedicated on 11th, 17th and 18th of March to end users with particular focus on the different sales channels for the product, respectively for Italy, Europe and Asia, as well as more events: two appointments in German on 26th of February and 3rd of March and two in Spanish on 1st and 12th of March. Click here to discover the courses.

Hands On S15: The training aimed at end users will be a 360° dive into the world of coffee:

the Mumac Academy trainers, live from the experiential space LaCimbali – Technology Heart Human Mind, will alternate a theoretical part with a more hands on part. This formula allows you to use the theoretical bases to better understand the link between technology and coffee and at the same time to show on a practical level the potential of S15 in different locations.

This will then be an opportunity to show some of the recipes made specifically for S15 and part of the Recipe Book S15. Ten preparations based on espresso, milk, chocolate or tea, with a small focus on Coffee in Good Spirits, differentiated by level of complexity and reference channel.

Starting from the 1st of March every Monday on the Mumac academy social channels there will be a column dedicated to this project: it will be possible to discover the recipes through tasty video recipes just a click away. Moreover, on social channels there will be tips related to the features of the machine every Thursday and video training pills every Friday.

Mumac Academy

Since its foundation in 2014, Mumac Academy, Gruppo Cimbali’s training centre for professionals and coffee lovers, has trained more than 9,500 people with over 40 modules in its training programme and 1200 days of in-person and online courses. In fact, the academy’s training activities have never stopped, transforming the courses for baristas and professionals into digital courses through the “MUMAC Academy Web Arena”.

A digital stage devoted to the training and promotion of coffee culture that has seen renowned trainers, prestigious coffee gurus and international coffee influencers discuss the fascinating world of coffee.

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