Sunday 05 February 2023

MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL – New farmer training center in Indonesia enables more coffee to be made happy

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Coffee Made Happy is Mondelez International’s global initiative that is designed to empower the next generation of farmers – inspiring, training and building their capacity to improve their livelihoods and attract new generations back to the small-scale farming sector.

The program will help secure a sustainable coffee production through increasing the farmer productivity and the viability of small-scale coffee farming, to strengthen agricultural practices and help build more sustainable coffee communities.

Mondelez International is now taking one step further towards the goal of empowering one million coffee farming entrepreneurs by 2020, by opening a Farmer Training Center in Semendo, Indonesia.

The center will provide direct training for 3,000 smallholder farms who will receive training in agricultural practices that improve productivity, use of tools and equipment, keeping business records and budgets, as well as writing their business plans.

About Coffee Made Happy

Coffee Made Happy aims to inspire, innovate and shake-up the way coffee companies do business sustainably. It’s a new approach that reflects Mondelez International’s core values and practices by making farming a more attractive profession.

Through Coffee Made Happy, Mondelez International has committed at least $200 million to empower one million coffee farming entrepreneurs by 2020.

The program focuses on the next generation of farmers – through training to boost their agriculture and business skills, tools and know-how to increase their growing capacity, enabling access to the inputs they need- all of which can improve their livelihoods.

Coffee Made Happy works in partnership with coffee traders and other organizations at the country and community level to identify farmer needs and develop the right individual projects to address, within the Global framework.

By collaborating to raise the visibility and commercial focus of farming in Indonesia, Vietnam, Honduras, Peru and Brazil, as well as other important coffee growing countries, Mondelez International plans to make its full supply chain more transparent and sustainable, from bean to cup.

Source: Mondelez International

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