Thursday 09 February 2023

Moleskine design cafés to open in London, Hamburg and New York

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Moleskine is announcing the opening of a string of cafes in major cities across the globe known for their culture and creativity, including in London, Hamburg and New York.

The cafes will be open later this year after the success of the first one, opened in Milan’s Brera district.

The Moleskine Café is a brand new way of living café life that reinterprets the idea of the café littéraire in a very contemporary vein.

Mixing elements of the café, art gallery and retail store, it provides a creative and inspiring space which brings together the idea of a gathering place from the past and the core values of the Moleskine brand, which embrace and foster creativity in all its facets.

The cafés also feature sales corners where Café guests and visitors can browse through the ecosystem of Moleskine objects and purchase their favourites tools.

Promising to be more than just a place to drink coffee, the Moleskine cafe is aimed at providing a space for the surrounding community to socialise, share ideas and be inspired by creativity. It will merge elements of a cafe, art gallery and retail store into one.

Following the opening of the Moleskine cafe in Beijing on January 23 will be Hamburg’s opening.

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