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Modbar: true beauty, simplicity and sleek elegance on the café counter


MILAN – Today Modbar has broken boundries with its design and reach. Showing the client the true beauty in simplicity. Modbar is being discovered more and more times by architects and is making a seamless centerstage piece for fine settings that go beyond the traditional café environment.

Without placing anything to obstruct the design of a location thus ensuring the best performance regardless of the setting.

In addition offering a strong global service and maintenance network and comprehensive resources available at all times.

Design is another element that makes the Modbar an exclusive espresso system. Its sleek counter presence has the capability to transform in various spaces without overpowering the integrity of the entire area.

Since specialty coffee has become an integral part of the experience in hotels, museums, coworking offices, restaurants, and more, it’s no wonder that Modbar has reached a new type of user. Businesses now have a clientele that demands and knows what a quality cup of coffee tastes like.

Given that patrons may choose to close their meal with an espresso, a Michelin star restaurant would not want the parting impression to be unpleasant. Likewise, a luxury boutique shop that offers beverages to shoppers.

The world of coffee is changing, and consumers are maturing and developing their taste.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Modbar story.