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Mobile app set to transform the retail coffee purchasing experience

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Choosing and buying coffee can be a very frustrating and confusing experience. Most people have to decide from an infinite wall of choices without trustworthy information to back up their decisions.

Furthermore, coffee packaging and marketing can be very misleading.


Some of the worst coffees have the most attractive and fancy packaging and some of the very best coffees in the planet have very unassuming labels. So, most people end up buying inferior quality coffee thinking they are actually making a good choice.

Well, all that is about to change! Coffunity will allow coffee consumers to make informed decisions by taking a picture of any coffee label in order to get instant access to that coffee’s full details along with the reviews and ratings of all the coffee lovers and experts around the world who use the Coffunity app.

What’s more, users will know exactly what to expect, from flavor notes to acidity to body, and the app will guide them in finding the coffee that is right for them. Plus, users will be able to find information about any coffee they want to, including the country of origin, farmer, varietal, processing method, roaster, and everything else there is to know about it.

Coffunity’s database will be fed by the app users themselves as they share the pictures and reviews of the coffees they try. This ever-growing user-driven coffee library will contain the data of coffees from all over the world, including high-grade specialty coffees, low-grade commercial quality brands, and everything in between. As of such it will become a valuable tool for all kinds of coffee consumers.

According to the National Coffee Association of America (NCA), on the subject of market trends and opportunities within the coffee industry, “the best way to reach the next generation of consumers is through their smartphone”.

Everyone Can Build Coffunity

The launch is scheduled only a few months away, in late Spring/early Summer of 2017.  But before launching Coffunity, a large database of coffee is needed. This is why Coffunity is first launching a Coffee Label Contest App which will go live on March 16th and will end on April 16th.

The Coffee Label Contest App will be the opportunity for coffee lovers to both support Coffunity and gain early access to the app.

The Contest

Using the Contest App, users take photos of coffee labels/packaging and upload them. In return, they can win a dreamy coffee kit that includes:

All this, just for shooting a few snaps in a cafe, a roastery, or a supermarket aisle! And you’ll know that you are helping people all over the world discover the same great coffee that you love.

You can download the apps here:

IOS users: http://bit.ly/CoffeeLabelContest-IOS

Android users:  http://bit.ly/CoffeeLabelContest-Android

(Please note businesses can upload their own coffee through the app through an employee/owner’s personal profile. They can’t, however, get a Coffunity Supporter profile for their company).