Tuesday 27 September 2022

Miko takes over the Norwegian coffee service company Kaffebryggeriet

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TURNHOUT, Belgium – Miko, the Euronext-listed specialist in coffee service and plastic packaging, is taking over the coffee service company Kaffebryggeriet in Norway. Kaffebryggeriet, headquartered in Oslo, achieves a turnover of around EUR 5 million with its staff of 21.

Kaffebryggeriet is a Norwegian coffee service operator which, just like Miko, focuses on providing a coffee service to the out-of-home market, which is where coffee is consumed outside the home, such as in offices, the hospitality sector and institutions. Kaffebryggeriet focuses on the office market.

It leases small and medium-sized vending machines to these customers. The company supplies the ingredients such as coffee, milk, tea and hot chocolate. It also guarantees an effective service to ensure that customers can enjoy a pleasant, relaxed coffee break.

Miko already had a presence in Norway before this via its partnership with the coffee service company A: KAFFE. Both companies will now be merged, with Miko acquiring 90 % in the new entity. After this operation the yearly turnover will be around EUR 7 million.

Kaffebryggeriet successfully achieved recognition during the last three years as a “Gazelle company”, comparable to the title of the same name awarded to entrepreneurs in Flanders.

Frans Van Tilborg, CEO of the Miko Group, explains: “A few years ago, we launched an active takeover policy in the Scandinavian region. Not only are Scandinavians heavy coffee drinkers, they also highly appreciate quality… which is right up our street… Not to mention that this region is continuing to perform fairly well economically. We are now strongly represented in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.”

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