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MIDDLE EAST – Brazil’s coffee exports to Arab nations up 2% in Jan-Aug period

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Brazil exported $117.64 million worth of coffee to the Arab region during the period of January to August this year, reflecting a 1.92 per cent revenue increase over the same period of 2012, show  statistics released by the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade.

According to the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, the Arab world has been consistently a major market for Brazilian coffee products.

Even though the total revenue for Brazilian coffee exports to the international markets has reduced by 16.27%  during January to August this year, in comparison to the same period of 2012, generating only $3.08 billion, the total volume has increased by 31%.

The increase in volume as against the revenue is the result of depreciation in the price of coffee in the international market.

In order to tackle external obstacles, many Brazilian coffee exporters are selling sophisticated blends of gourmet coffee that will meet expectations of the most passionate coffee lovers. We shall highlight that several coffee shops throughout the world serve Brazilian beans as a high end product.

Dr Michel Alaby, secretary general and CEO of Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said, “The Brazilian coffee exporters are stepping up efforts to establish direct trade relations with Arab traders, cutting down intermediaries.

The increase in volume of coffee exports this year indicates the popularity of Brazilian coffee in the region.”

“Brazilian producers are constantly improving the quality of their coffee to give it a competitive edge in the Arab market, which will ultimately lead to increased revenues. The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce remains firmly committed to cultivate healthy trade alliances between Brazil and the Arab world.”

The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, in operation for more than 60 years, was established to consolidate and expand partnerships, generate opportunities and bring Arabs and Brazilians together.

Source: TradeArabia