Thursday 05 October 2023

Mercon Coffee Group is launching Robusta coffee from Nicaragua

The Robusta coffee variety has proven to be a profitable alternative with a significant economic and social impact in Nicaragua.

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MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Mercon Coffee Group is launching Robusta coffee from Nicaragua for export. The company made the announcement at the 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle and is now offering washed and natural Robusta coffees from this origin.

For the past 10 years, the company has been the pioneer of Robusta coffee production in Nicaragua, creating a whole new industry in the country.

The project, has contributed to the diversification of the coffee supply in Nicaragua and has promoted economic and social development in the coffee growing communities of the region.

“We are proud to be the pioneers of Robusta production in Nicaragua and to be the first to offer it to the global market. Currently, 150 producers from Nueva Guinea have joined this project.

Thanks to growing participation, this venture has boosted the local economy of the region and has created new sources of employment” said Luis Alberto Chamorro, Origin Director of Mercon Coffee Group.

According to Chamorro, the Robusta coffee variety has proven its profitability thanks to its high productivity, low production cost and higher tolerance to plagues and diseases. This makes it an excellent alternative for producers in Nueva Guinea.

Mercon Coffee Group, plans to grow the production of Robusta coffee in Nueva Guinea which estimates to reach a total production of 500,000 coffee bags within 7044 hectares of land in the next 10 years.

During this event, Luis Alberto Chamorro also participated as a speaker at the “Financing Sustainability” conference, where he explained the importance of working together with coffee producers to increase the productivity of plantations through the right allocation of resources.

“Through CISA Exportadora, our operation in Nicaragua, Mercon Coffee Group offers coffee producers financing services, technical assistance and value fixed transactions.

Additionally, we have also developed LIFT, a program designed to help small and medium producers to increase their productivity in an environmentally conscious manner”, concluded Chamorro.

Mercon Coffee Group is a vertically integrated global green coffee supplier that began operations in Nicaragua. It has more than 60 years of experience and is present in three continents. Its operation in Nicaragua is represented by CISA Exportadora, the leading export company in the country.

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