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Meira Premium Spices series expands its certified organic and Fairtrade offer

Meira Spices

MILAN – Meira, the Finnish company of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, which produces and distributes coffee and spices, introduces some new arrivals to its spice’s product family: Ceylon Cinnamon and locally grown Nettle Groats.

All spices from the Meira Premium family are organic, cultivated under sustainable practices and then carefully selected. Both Ceylon Cinnamon and Nettle groats are Organic and Fairtrade certified.

Meira Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, grown in Sri Lanka, is lighter and milder than the common cinnamon and contains a very low level of coumarin, a natural aromatic compound for which regular use is not recommended.

Meira Finnish Nettle Groats is a naturally grown herb free from additives. It is picked, dried and packaged in Finland. The herbs get heated very quickly and then dried, in order to retain all its good properties. Nettle is rich in vitamins and minerals and usually added to soups.