Wednesday 29 June 2022

McCafé’s Australiano is the “Coffee fit for an Aussie”

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MILAN — Americans have the Americano, and now, Australians have the Australiano. Australia’s answer to the Americano is a new signature featuring a flavour combination of native Australian wattleseed, chai and McCafé’s locally roasted coffee beans.

The new limited time product is launching today (25 May) with a new campaign that leverage’s the brand’s ‘Coffee Fit For An Aussie’ platform by DDB.

The campaign includes TV, out-of-home, radio, digital, and social rollouts, in addition to a sampling truck that will tour the nation, developed by the OMD Australia team.

The 20 second spot poses that ‘when a nation loves coffee, they have their own’, flashing through the national coverage beverages of Italy, the US and Turkey, before showing a group of Aussies enjoying the beverage on the beach.

Coffee fans will be able to try the Australiano for free when McCafé takes to the road later this month on a 2,000km journey from Melbourne up the Eastern Seaboard to the Sunshine State to celebrate the milestone.

There will be eight stops on the trip where the coffee will be given away, two in Victoria, two in New South Wales and three in Queensland.

Lancy Huynh, group brand manager, McDonald’s, commented, “Despite being a nation of coffee connoisseurs, we haven’t had a coffee to call our own. As a champion for Aussie coffee culture, McCafé wanted to right this wrong and craft a blend that Aussies can proudly put their name to.”

Matt Chandler, executive creative director, DDB Sydney, added, “Like most Aussies, my day doesn’t get out of first gear until I’ve had my morning coffee. It’s awesome to be able to create one that the entire nation can get around.”

DDB Sydney launched McCafé’s Coffee Fit For An Aussie brand platform last year – an articulation and celebration of our country’s passion for truly great coffee.

McCafé is a true Aussie success story, having first launched in the laneways of Melbourne back in 1993. Today, McCafé serves up more than 300 million cups of barista-made coffee and hot drinks in a year and one in every four cups of coffee sold in Australia is from a McCafé.

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