Sunday 02 April 2023

Mazzer goes green: 4 grinders out of 10 are produced using solar power

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GARDIGIANO DI SCORZÈ, Venice, Italy – Every day in the world more than one million Mazzer coffee grinders are used to make the best coffee.

Founded in Venice, Italy, in 1948, Mazzer quickly became synonym with excellence in the field of professional coffee grinders and grinder-dosers.

Nowadays, the volume of its export sales exceeds 70% and its products are shipped to over 90 countries all over the world.

The three main features that are crucial to its success are green energy, passion for quality and ethics.

Switching to green energy took various steps.

The most important of all was the installation of a photovoltaic power system, completed in 2016 (PICTURE).

Since October 2016, this system has already produced 129MWh (129,750 KWh), i.e. more than enough power to illuminate St. Mark’s Square in Venice for five years.

Compared to non-renewable power system, this photovoltaic system avoided around 71 tonnes of CO2 to be produced. Furthermore, this system allows 4 grinders out of 10 to be produced using renewable energy.

Moreover, the air-conditioning is generated through heat pumps in order to avoid using conventional fossil fuels.

Enhancing the air conditioning plant enabled Mazzer to reduce energy consumption, whereas a careful planning of pre-consumer waste disposal allows more than 120 tonnes of wastes to be recovered each year.

A clear ethical code is what makes this green turn works. After all, values always come first in a family business.

Other than caring for environmental protection, Mazzer also cares for its employees, particularly for their safety and their training.

A low turnover and an almost zero accident rate facilitates the production, whereas its earthquake-resistant plant makes its employees feel safe.

Mazzer also pays special attention to the local industry, as it always tries to buy raw materials from local suppliers.

By promoting local business, Mazzer aims at enriching the surrounding area, and, accordingly, at enhancing social welfare.


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