Tuesday 09 August 2022

Maxwell House on a mission to make mom’s invisible labor, visible

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PITTSBURGH & CHICAGO, U.S. — Maxwell House was on a mission this Mother’s Day to make moms’ invisible labor, visible. In a recent national survey, Maxwell House found that 89% of moms manage a never-ending to-do list to maintain their families’ well-being. This Mother’s Day, Maxwell House shone a light on moms’ invisible labor and called on everyone to acknowledge their moms’ hard work that often gets overlooked.

To raise awareness of invisible labor, Maxwell House created a video featuring expectant parents at a birthing class. The soon-to-be parents are surprised with a video that features experts in the field… their own moms, who educate them on the labor of love that went overlooked throughout their lives. View the full video here … and don’t forget the tissues.

Maxwell House also discovered that after all of their invisible labor, 8 out of 10 moms would rather have their children spend quality time with them than receive a gift for Mother’s Day.

When you can’t be there in person, a call or personalized card is the next best thing. All you have to do is tell your mom that everything she does, means everything. This is why Maxwell House invited people to a pop-up store where you could tell your mom just that.

At Mother’s Day Market at 138 Wooster St. in New York City, between May 6 and May 8, guests had the opportunity to acknowledge mothers’ invisible labor by sending a personalized card or giving a call/video chat from the iPads and coffee stations.

“Maxwell House has always fueled Americans’ hard work, and that includes the work that gets overlooked,” said Ashley Tople, Director of Marketing, Coffee at Kraft Heinz. “This Mother’s Day, we wanted to help families recognize the invisible labor of all moms, because a mother’s work is Good to the Last Drop.”

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