Friday 08 December 2023

Maurizio Giuli explains the evolution of the world market for roasted coffee

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MILANO – In this article our intent is to answer to this complicated question: how has evolved the Trade of Roasted coffee wordlwide in the 2 decades 1994-2014.

In order to better analyse the evolution of the market over this time span, we referred to a study by Maurizio Giuli (PICTURE). The original can be found at this link.

We are going to study this phenomenon on the base of two simple parameters: the Volume and the Value.

Trade of Roasted Coffee by Volume: Highlights

In the last 2 decades there has been a volume constant growth of Roasted Coffee trade.

In 2014 the volume of Roasted coffee trade was 5,41 time higher than in 1994.

In the years 1994-2014 the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of the Roasted Coffee Trade y volume was 8.37%

Trade of Roasted Coffee by Value: Highlights

The picture clarly shows the evolution of the Trade of Roasted coffee Worldwide in terms of Value:

in the last 2 decades the numbers has grown significantly.

In terms of value the Trade of Roasted Coffee in 2014 was 11,9 times higher than in 1994. In the years 119-2014 the CAGR (compound Annual Growth Rate) was 12.525.

But the growth has been very uneven as you can see consulting these other data.

If we compare the growth of the Trade by volume and by value, we can make 2 different observations:

  • First of all, that the growth in volume has been quite consistent during the period 1994-2014.
  • Second: regarding the value growth we can identify 2 different phases. The first during 8 years (1994-2002), was very weak (CAGR 6.13%). These numbers are in opposite to the CAGR in Volum (9.65%) for the same period.

The second phase registered a CAGR of 18.16% in the year 2002-2014. In the same range of time, the growth by volume didn’t change very much (CAGR 8.25%).

If we continue to see the parallelism between Volume and Value we discover that from 1994 up to 2005, the two aggregate had the same evolution. It’s only after 2005 that Trade Exoport of Roasted Coffee in Value, has grown faster.

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