Tuesday 09 August 2022

Marley Coffee announces West Coast Experiential Sampling Tour

"Taste a Brighter Tomorrow" Tour to promote consumer awareness and EcoCup recyclable capsule product innovation

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Marley Coffee is unleashing its first-ever mobile coffee sampling tour, a grassroots effort to bring its award-winning coffee and product innovations to the forefront in key markets across the U.S.

The company’s branded transit van will preview the new Marley Coffee EcoCup, an easy-to-recycle sustainable single-serve capsule that will drastically reduce the amount of waste in comparison to that produced by traditional capsules.

Launching in August 2015, Marley Coffee is the first premium coffee brand to bring this sustainable solution to market.

The sampling tour will activate in regions where the company has significant sales and distribution, in order to win consumers through taste to further drive sales velocities with key retailer partners.

The west coast leg of the tour kicks off starting July 17, to cover Northern California, Southern California, and the Pacific Northwest for a minimum of six weeks. Industry experts Front & Center Marketing are executing the tour on the company’s behalf, on the heels of completing several other national sampling tours for top tier CPG brands such as Earth Balance, Udi’s, Noosa, La Croix, Organic Girl, and others.

A team of brand ambassadors will deliver approximately 3,000 samples and coupons per week, per market, at a variety of events including large-scale arena events, festivals, races, food events, and more.

Additionally, the team will also deliver samples and coupons at targeted locations including yoga studios, gyms, office parks, commuter locations, and others. The Marley Coffee van will be equipped to serve a large volume of drip coffee for larger crowds, and also showcase the company’s RealCup® single-serve capsules, prepared in the iCoffee® brewer by Remington®, the first-ever coffee brewer with SpinBrew™ technology utilizing spinning needle jets that steam and stir inside the capsule to produce a smoother, richer coffee taste.

The brand ambassadors will support retail efforts at grocery stores, execute select in-store demos, educate consumers on where to buy Marley Coffee, the company’s philanthropic efforts, and its sustainability initiatives.

Rohan Marley, Chairman and Founder of Marley Coffee said, “I can think of no better way to get coffee into the hands of the people than with this grassroots tour. I am confident that once people experience Marley Coffee and learn about our initiatives to help coffee growing communities and further global sustainability, they will be compelled to seek out Marley Coffee at their local stores and online. I encourage everyone to share their experiences visiting the team with me using the hashtag #RoarTour on social media.”

Visitors will be encouraged to take a coffee pledge on the Marley Coffee website to reduce their single-serve coffee waste by switching to the greener solution provided by EcoCup. By taking the pledge, each visitor1 will be entered for the chance to win a trip for two to Denver, including two club seats to the Colorado Rockies Game and a private tour of the Marley Coffee corporate headquarters.

Brent Toevs, CEO of Marley Coffee said, “A recent independent study2 conducted by Global Research Partners on behalf of the brand found that of the 12 brands included in the competitive set (among which were leading, national premium coffee brands), Marley Coffee had the highest ratio of translating trial into favorite brand status.

With that statistic in mind, we are confident that the sampling tour will drive traffic to our existing grocery outlets, open doors to new accounts, and raise awareness for our brand story and products. We are honored to partner with independent brands like Remington along the way, to reassert our commitment to freedom of choice and better choices for consumers in the coffee market.”

The sampling tour will be supported by PR efforts, social media support, and an online strategy to raise awareness and drive trial at each location. For additional information about Marley Coffee, please visit www.marleycoffee.com or contact Jessica Weeg at weeg@havasformula.com or 646-762-8724.

1 Visitors must be 18 years of age to enter the sweepstakes. For full terms and conditions, visit http://marleycoffee.com/coffeepledge.

2 This study was conducted by Global Research Partners on behalf of Marley Coffee in February 2015. The study surveyed 750 adults, age 18 and over, from major U.S. and Canadian markets. Results of any sample are subject to sampling variation; the survey results may vary. For complete study methodology, contact Jessica Weeg at weeg@havasformula.com.

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