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Markets for a Sustainable Future to link responsible producers and markets

“…Rural development can only be realized when we directly link responsible producers and markets, trading quality products that contribute to improved economic, social and environment conditions.” Edgar González Godoy, Country lead, Rainforest Alliance-Mexico

Rainforest Alliance certification program

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – The Rainforest Alliance-Mexico launched in June the initiative Markets for a Sustainable Future, with an exhibition and conference event where sustainable agriculture, forestry products and diverse agriculture trends and themes were presented to producers, companies, public and private sector partners, and donors.

In 2018, Rainforest Alliance signed an agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to manage the collaborative initiative Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets. The main objective, in coordination with different stakeholders, is to advance sustainability development of landscapes in the states of Campeche, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Quintana Roo.

The scope of work addresses actions to stop deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also pushing markets to trade sustainable products and transform their supply chains.

As part of this agreement, Markets for a Sustainable Future aims to link actors of the private and public sector, producers and producer groups, civil society organizations, and consumers to move forward in their sustainability journeys.

It addresses climate change adaptation by transforming the way supply chains produce and trade timber, non-timber products, coffee, and cocoa with domestic and international markets. Lastly, it aims to create consumer awareness about how their buying habits can environmentally, socially and economically benefit people and nature.

Edgar González Godoy, director of Rainforest Alliance in Mexico, stated, “Producers are facing big climate change challenges that affect coffee and cocoa productivity and ecosystems. Rural development can only be realized when we directly link responsible producers and markets, trading quality products that contribute to improve economic, social and environment conditions.”

The Markets for a Sustainable Future event was possible thanks to the support of USAID, SAFE Platform, Hivos, Walmart Mexico, Tinker Foundation, TUI Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Fundación Gigante, Toks Restaurant and LulaChef. The Rainforest Alliance works with these organizations in different collaborative initiatives that also presented their different scopes of work during the event.

Partners that showcased their products in the event were: State Coordinator of Coffee Producers from Oaxaca (CEPCO); Organic Producers from Tacaná, Chiapas; forestry producers of the Mayan Forest Alliance; the United Sustainable Producers from Mexico City; and, the East Zone Agriculture and Livestock Producers.
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