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Marcus Boni joins Simonelli Usa as the new Vice President, Brand Development & Engagement

Simonelli Usa Marcus Boni

MILAN – Despite the moment of intense uncertainty surrounding the global markets, Simonelli Group continues to believe and invest in the growth and worldwide strengthening of Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino brands. A significant part of this process involves consolidating the marketing, commercial, technical, and customer service structure of both the global and the individual markets covered by the Company’s Branch offices.

Within this process, we are pleased to announce Marcus Boni as the new Vice President – Brand Development & Engagement of Simonelli USA.

“By nominating Marcus, we aim to enhance the Company’s marketing and commercial expertise in the North America market while remaining in line with the country’s previously set goals,” said the company in a statement.

“Marcus Boni has significant experience in the marketing sector and in both the American and the international community of coffee. His pivotal figure will help us improve the well-established businessoriented Team of Simonelli USA.

Marcus will endeavor to expand the brand awareness and brand equity of both Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino in the North America market and promote their values throughout the US community. Marcus will also contribute to the global strategy with his experience and support.”

“The Simonelli Group is a leading global company that is synonymous with creating innovative coffee solutions, uniquely built for its customers regardless of their size, structure or industry sector. As a longtime volunteer for the Specialty Coffee Association, I have had the sincere opportunity to engage with the Simonelli USA and Global teams through their industry involvement with World Coffee Competitions. Now as a member of the US leadership team, I look forward to working alongside this esteemed group of coffee professionals to expand the Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli brand presence and customer experience throughout North America” Marcus said.

“We very much welcome Marcus to the Simonelli Group. We wish him the best with his work, confident that he will be capable of highlighting his professional skills for the team, and by team of Simonelli USA. We say a big thanks to Roberto Bresciani, (Simonelli North America CEO) and his team for the great job they are doing in the US Market and we trust in a bright future for Simonelli North America” said Marco Feliziani, Simonelli Group Vice President, says.