Thursday 26 May 2022

Magazzini del Caffè wins the comparison with the Big’s blends in Italy

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AZZANO MELLA, Italy – Magazzini del Caffè after the clamor arouse by the TV program Report focused on the qualitative comparison of coffee in Nespresso original capsules and the one produced by the main players took the challenge commissioning to the same Centro Studi Assaggiatori chosen by Rai 3 a new Panel test integrated with its own blend in compostable capsule and it stood out as the best.

For the sake of honesty Magazzini del caffè chose to submit to the Tasting Panel only the 100% Arabica blends judged by the Tv program.

The important result confirms the ability of the compostable capsule to guarantee an exemplary result in the cup, enhancing all the qualities of a high quality blend.

Magazzini del Caffè in the latest years has carried out a meticulous work in the selection of both materials and coffee blends, in the definition of degassing times and methods and in the granulometry of the ground coffee, constantly monitoring the organoleptic aspect at zero time and following accelerated ageing processes.

The following chart describes the synthesis of hedonistic judgments (hedonic index = degree of pleasantness) expressed by the judges of the Centro Studi Assaggiatori on the blends taken into exam.

From the diagram it can be easily deduced that despite the fact that all the blends tested have obtained an overall sufficient rating, the only one who has gained a score higher than 7 was the “Espresso 100% Arabica” blend in compostable barrier capsule by Magazzini del coffee.

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