Sunday 04 June 2023

Magazzini del Caffè extends its range of compostable and compatible capsules

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BRESCIA, Italy – Following its presentation in July 2019 of the Nespresso®* compatible compostable capsule, Magazzini del Caffè, in keeping with its eco-sustainable philosophy, supplemented its range of compostable capsules with the Lavazza®* A Modo Mio®* compatible capsule. “Our goal is to replace all our production of fossil-based plastic capsules with compostable ones by the end of 2020…” explains Roberto Schibuola, CEO and partner of Magazzini del Caffè.

“Thanks to their quality and practicality, capsules have seen a widespread increase in the last decade with double-figure annual growth, becoming one of the most widely used ways for preparing coffee both at home and in the office. The huge volumes produced today call for the need of making them using materials with zero environmental impact”.

“The compostable capsule” concludes Roberto Schibuola “is the solution to this new demand, given that once disposed of in organic waste (wet waste) it allows the generation of fertile soil (compost) and biogas, thus contributing to achieve a more healthy, less polluted ecosystem.”

In addition to being compostable, the capsules have an oxygen barrier, which ensures utmost product protection for a period of 18 months without the need for overwrapping. Besides reducing waste generation, this also allows savings on transport and storage costs thanks to the smaller packaging volume.

All capsules have obviously obtained the required certifications including the Food Contact certification ensuring that migration of potentially harmful substances is avoided, and OK Biobased and OK Compost 4 stars certifications awarded by TÜV Austria which allow their disposal as wet waste.

Apart from the ecological aspect, we must not forget that it is essential delivering a high-quality cup of coffee. For this reason, Magazzini del Caffè devotes significant efforts in the search of materials and coffee blends and in defining the correct degassing times and the right grain size of the ground coffee, while constantly monitoring the organoleptic profile at zero time and following accelerated aging processes.

The ever increasing focus on Plastic Free products has led the main mass market retailers to look for certified compostable products to offer their customers.

But in order to ensure the active dissemination of a non-polluting product it is necessary to be able to offer it at a price comparable to that of standard capsules available on the market today. Magazzini del Caffè is sensitive to this need and offers its compostable capsules at a truly affordable price, allowing its customers to make a difference in the environment.

The Brescia company markets its products under its own brand and private label, and is IFS, Bio, Kosher and UTZ certified.

Magazzini del Caffè will take part to Host Exhibition 2019 in Hall 14P, stand C14-D13, where visitors can taste the various blends in compostable capsule.

*Trademarks not owned by Magazzini del Caffè or other companies connected to it.

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