Monday 08 August 2022

Madrinas Coffee launches a fully refreshed look, ushering in a new era for the brand

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ST. LOUIS, US – Madrinas has been a force in the content creation and online community since 2016, encouraging consumers to put down chemically charged energy drinks and to make the heart healthier switch to all-natural Madrinas Coffee. This month the company launched its fully refreshed look, feel, and online experience, ushering in a new era for the Madrinas brand, its audience, and its consumer base.

The new Madrinas brand tells the story of delivering great flavor-forward coffee to coffee drinkers worldwide. The new logo fuses tradition with a sharp, modernized icon and wordmark. Ingrained inside of the mountainous “M” is a bolt of lightning, symbolizing the energy that Madrinas Coffee brings to the world.

Co-Founder and CEO Alex Davis said, “As we have evolved to connect with our audience, our brand has evolved to become digitally native. Every day, we’re harnessing the combined power of perfectly blended flavors and online content creation to galvanize the spirit of #coffee4fuel. Madrinas new visual touch points bring a vibrant energy to the core of who we are and give us a look and feel that our community will love, enjoy, and have fun with.”

The new Madrinas webstore has been designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s digital CPG customer. The webstore’s fresh layout and user interface offer new features and eye-popping designs to make fueling up with Madrinas both convenient and enjoyable.

In the lead up to the rebrand, Madrinas has kept its audience caffeinated and energized, rolling out delicious and innovative products monthly. In the last three months, Madrinas has released four Whole Bean Coffee roasts and five seasonal Cold Brews. Earlier this summer, Madrinas brought its refreshing Green Coffee Fueler product line to market, delivering a low calorie, low sugar, and fruity-tasting coffee experience, a stark alternative to traditional roasted coffee.

“Our new branding is one of many things we are doing as part of our plan for growth to modernize the Madrinas experience for our customers,” Davis said. “We have three product lines that we are supremely confident in, and our innovation team is hard at work creating even more incredible flavors to optimize this new Madrinas experience. We believe our efforts to evolve Madrinas, while still embracing our history and the journey we’ve taken to arrive at this moment, will elevate our brand to new heights in the years to come.”

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