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MADE IN ITALY – OpenPicus presents the first “Facebook Coffee Machine”

ROME – During the upcoming European Maker Faire to be held in Rome from 3 to 6 October 2013 OpenPicus will present a world exclusive: the first coffee machine that works through Facebook.

Visitors will be able to enjoy one cup of coffee by simply bringing their smartphone and interact with the “Facebook Coffee machine”: they will be able to tell their friends that their phone can eventually make coffee!

The coffee break becomes a social experience to be shared with friends, and a new way for coffee dispensing machine manufacturers to create new social promotions and interact with consumers in a truly innovative way.

All this is possible thanks to Flyport, the Italian company’s flagship product: a Wi-Fi programmable and Internet connected module which allows you to connect any object in a super simple way.

Flyport’s powerful software framework highly reduces risks and shortens time to market: it’s an accelerator of IoT (Internet of Things ) applications development for the industrial and professional player, ranging from the prototype to final engineering stage.

Flyports free integrated development environment and developer guidelines allow all software developers even those with no experience in embedded hardware or low-level networking to realize powerful applications of all kinds.


OpenPicus, an Italian company, creates open hardware products for both professionals and hobbyists dealing with new opportunities in Internet of Things .

Flyport, the flagship product, is a programmable, natively Internet connected module that is ready to be integrated in machines and objects of all sorts.

The community of OpenPicus is so global: more than 5,000 users adopted Flyport to develop their IoT applications and most of them are professionals.

OpenPicus designs and manufactures in Italy.