Wednesday 17 August 2022

MADE IN ITALY – Lavazza showcases its range at Host 2013

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TURIN, Italy – Lavazza is taking part in Host 2013 with a 260 sq m stand, where it will display its Ho.Re.Ca. range of products — including the latest products from Eraclea, the Italian brand leader for hot chocolate beverages and mixes for sorbets and cold creams — and will offer the opportunity to taste ground-breaking products and recipes.

Italian-style quality, tradition and innovation have always been the brand’s distinctive values.

The stand at Host offers therefore the opportunity to experience the entire Lavazza offering. The large bar counter running through the centre of the area is divided into four zones showcasing the different areas dedicated to Lavazza products:

1. Lavazza and its professional blends. All the Lavazza’s fine whole-bean blends are the result of careful study that begins with an attentive, evolving knowledge regarding consumer tastes and habits.

2. Lavazza and Hotellerie Lavazza’s Hotellerie range of products: from in-room to conference solutions, from breakfast to restaurant service.

3. Lavazza and the great chefs The area dedicated to Top Gastronomy, presenting the connection between Lavazza and the most internationally renowned chefs and the exclusive recipes created with them over the years. And the first ever preview of two exclusive signature recipes created by Matteo Baronetto and Giovanni Grasso & Igor Macchia.

4. Eraclea and Whittington Tea, chocolate and yoghurt allow Lavazza to provide professionals working in the sector with an offering that is comprehensive in every aspect.

17 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed yearly worldwide. 17 billion moments that guarantee always the same flavour while evoking entirely different visual contexts.

Lavazza, on the strength of its product, the core of the expertise that has enabled it to become the leader in espresso for nearly 120 years, has always made research and experimentation its strength.

The invention of the blend, the company’s global vision, the opening to international markets and the innovation of espresso systems with which Lavazza stepped in as a leader in offices, public spaces, and with growing success at home: all this fully realises the idea of dynamism as the propelling force behind a group that, standing on the shoulders of four generations, consistently looks to the future.

Source: Lavazza

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