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MADE IN ITALY – With the coffee mugs from Bormioli Rocco your day always begins with a smile

PARMA, Italy – Especially if you are not a morning person it is hard to get out of bed when the alarm clock rings.

Sleepy you are facing the new day and this sleepiness leads quickly to a hurry, a quick shower and you actually have to leave the house already for work, which means breakfast is eaten in a haste or even skipped.

Nothing could be worse for your body, according to nutritionists. It is absolutely necessary to start the day with a good, healthy breakfast. It gives your body the nutrients needed to restart after the long hours of not eating, during the night.

Moreover, a recent study carried out by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and published in the journal “Circulation” found that people who skip breakfast have a higher risk (as high as 27%) to suffer in the future of coronary heart disease.


A healthy lifestyle must therefore be based on a good breakfast, which supplies you with approximately 20% of the daily energy requirements, best based on fruit, yoghurt and complex carbohydrates that release their energy gradually. After giving your body the fuel it needs, it is finally time for a good cup of coffee.

To really enjoy this moment of quiet there is nothing better than having your coffee in the classic white or decorated Bormioli Rocco coffee cups (http://myhome.bormioliroccocasa.com/en/collections/dream-blue-green.html), which are available in a wide range of collections, ideal for aesthetes and lovers of original and colorful tableware.

Among the many models in the My Home-catalog by Bormioli Rocco are for example the mugs Dream Blue-Green, which, thanks to their delicate floral designs bring life and color to the table – even when the alarm clock wakes you up too early.