Saturday 25 June 2022

Lyons Coffee Bags: Is this the revolution coffee has been waiting for?

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LONDON,UK – Innovative new coffee bags have been released in a move which may change how the nation drinks its favourite brew.

According to research coffee culture has led to a shift in drinking habits in Britain, with more people now opting for a cappuccino or flat white over the traditional cuppa tea.

But brewing a good mug of coffee can often be a time-consuming task, which is why Lyons has created new coffee bags so that coffee can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, simply by adding freshly boiled water.

Small and light enough to fit conveniently into your bag, they are suited to a range of occasions.

Their size makes them perfect for travelling, so if travelling by train or plane, for business or pleasure, make sure you grab a Coffee Bag to get 100 per cent freshly roasted ground coffee on the go.

You also no longer have to put up with awful coffee in hotel rooms – pack a few Coffee Bags in your suitcase to get a quality coffee fix wherever you are in the world.

As summer approaches, Lyons Coffee Bags are a good accompaniment for picnics or a countryside walk – pop into your bag and take on your adventures for a freshly brewed coffee, al fresco.

Available in three different strength varieties, plus a decaf option, there’s a coffee to suit every mood and taste: No.4 Dark and Intense, No.3 Rich and Full Bodied, and No.2 Light and Smooth. The new vintage-style packaging is bold, stylish and eye-catching – the perfect addition to brighten up the kitchen cupboards

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