Sunday 29 May 2022

Lucky Jack Coffee introduces gourmet ground bagged coffee

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LAS VEGAS, USA – Known for small batch and hand-crafted cold brew beverages, Lucky Jack Coffee is expanding to offer USDA Organic gourmet ground coffee. The independent, sustainable coffee company is proud to introduce this new product line to its current product offering of ready-to-drink nitrogen-infused cold brews, ready-to-drink nitro oat milk lattes, and cold brew concentrates.

Maintaining the brand’s ethos of bringing together artisanal coffee and sustainable, organic growing methods, the new collection of ultra-premium, high altitude, three-bean blends of Arabica coffee were created using USDA Organic beans carefully sourced from small farms around the globe.

All their coffee is hand roasted, flavored and packaged onsite in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The new collection of bagged ground coffee will launch with three options: lightly flavored Moonraker, medium flavored Siren Song, and deeply flavored Kraken.

Each has its own unique flavor profile for the discerning coffee lover. Lucky Jack will also be adding pure black coffee with varying roast profiles in the coming months.

Moonraker: Flavored with Vanilla bean, Mandarin, and Macadamia

Siren Song: Flavored with Brown sugar, Dark Cherry, and Cinnamon

Kraken: Flavored with Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Bordeaux, and Caramel

“Our new ground coffee products will give customers and coffee connoisseurs alike one more option when they’re looking to enjoy Lucky Jack Coffee blends, and unique flavors,” Lucky Jack Coffee CEO Raymond Cole says. “It offers a new level of customization for at-home brewing, for both hot and cold brews.”

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