Saturday 25 June 2022

SWEDEN – Löfbergs takes a major step toward sustainability

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KARLSTAD – By 2016, all coffee from Löfbergs will come from farms that are certified as sustainable. The family-owned coffee roaster is now taking a major step towards its goal. As from March 1, all coffee delivered to hotels, restaurants and cafés in Sweden will be certified.

–  It has been appreciated by our customers, who can see the benefits of certified coffee. This will give us as well as the customers business advantages, says Per Grahn, sales director at Löfbergs.

First with organic and Fairtrade

Until now, about 60 % of the coffee that Löfbergs sold to hotels, restaurants and cafés in Sweden has been certified. That number will thus be increased to 100 %.

– We were first among the big operators in Sweden with both organic and Fairtrade coffee. That has contributed to us being market leading in the Out of Home segment. It will be even clearer now that we are a partner that strengthens the customers in their sustainability work, says Per Grahn.

Löfbergs is already one of the world’s largest importers of organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee. Today, the company is working together with five certifications for sustainable coffee farms: Fairtrade, Krav, Rainforest Alliance, EU Organic and UTZ.

A certification means that the coffee is farmed according to special criteria that affect people and the environment in a positive way. As the whole procedure is controlled by an external party, the consumer is guaranteed that the product delivers on its promises.

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