Thursday 28 September 2023

Löfbergs receives newly instituted Genius Award 2019 for equality work

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KARLSTAD, Sweden – The coffee roaster Löfbergs receives the Genius Award 2019 that acknowledges successful equality work. Löfbergs is awarded for its fine work for social sustainability within its own organization and in the surrounding world.

Löfbergs has been focusing on sustainability for a long time. It is principally the company’s efforts of reducing the environmental footprint that are visible from the outside. In parallel, extensive work with social sustainability for greater equality, inclusion and fair values within the organization and globally is in progress.

– When we took a closer look on what Löfbergs already had done and the existing plans and objectives for equality and inclusion, we were impressed. The company has come a long way in terms of representation but is also working with norms and values that are just as important. They also make value-managed demands on their partners and carry out promising development projects in producing countries, says Johan Blom, acting County Governor of Värmland, who is behind the award together with Region Värmland.

On the right track

The award was accepted by Löfbergs’s CEO Lars Appelqvist and Director of Communications Sofia Svahn, who truly appreciate the award, but emphasize that there is still a lot to be done.

– Equality and an inclusive approach are important parts of our sustainability work and something that we work with both at home and in the producing countries. We highly value this award; it shows that we are on the right track. The award brings energy to our continuous work, because we have, just as the society in general, still a lot to do, says Lars Appelqvist.

Jury statement

“Sustainable changes begin by blooming where you are planted. For this year’s recipient that is Sweden – but also Brazil and Tanzania or a mountain slope in Uganda. They have taken their stand – the future is sustainable, and they will push and take responsibility for that progress.

As one of few larger company in its industry with a woman as chairman and a board with as many women as men, they show that the change has to start from the top. With clear objectives for diversity and equality and a plan for how and when to reach them, with an equal talent and management program, a norm and inclusion project together with the University of Karlstad, innovative development projects in producing countries as well as clear and value-managed demands on their partners, they show that good coffee actually can contribute to a better world.”

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