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La Cimbali S60 combines the technology of a fully automatic with a traditional design

La Cimbali S60
La Cimbali S60

MILAN — The Gruppo Cimbali introduces La Cimbali S60, a new fully automatic machine, the highest category performance with the guarantee of the best quality cup for a vast and diverse beverage menu.

 La Cimbali S60: the technology of a fully automatic with a look and feel of a traditional machine is the perfect combination

La Cimbali S60 is able to deliver a never seen before high quality service. The ability to service up to 600 cups daily and a completely new user experience allows for an unbeatable greatness in service.

Advanced technologies for coffee and milk-based beverages

The innovative technologies centered around coffee allow for a successful fast pace environment thanks to the Turbo function, the new strengthened and silenced grinder-dozers. Further advanced technologies that see milk-based beverages, including the HQ Milk system and Smart Milk Sensor, allow for an enriched menu where milk has the star role.

La Cimbali S60 also aims to improve the baristas experience by introducing different tools like manual levers and integrated temperature sensors for a perfect milk foaming, or the Turbo Steam Cold Touch that allows for a comfortable milk steaming.

 La Cimbali S60
Another view of the new model

Innovative solutions for the IoT

The entire control of the machine on behalf of the chain manager is ultimately achieved by the integration of Wi-Fi in the S60. A total remote control of all the settings and parameters of the machine managed through Wi-Fi like the boiler temperatures of coffee, the parameters of every recipe to the type of screensaver and the LED light colors.

Available for the whole fully automatic line is also the innovative CUP4YOU, an App available on the Apple Store and Google Play, designed specifically for baristas but also for the end customer as it allows them to create their favorite drink, without direct contact with the machine.

A front view of the La Cimbali S60

 La Cimbali S60 allows for baristas to create up to 96 different recipes coffee and milk based

Aside from the traditional espresso, the S60 also offers a more international menu such as cappuccinos, lattes or other new trends like french coffee, Cafè Crème and the double/triple shot.

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