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Lindt Chocolat Cafes in Japan to release Matcha Hot Chocolate this winter

MILAN – Lindt Chocolat Cafe branches in Japan will release their new Lindt Matcha Hot Chocolate on November 1 for the winter season for a limited time.

As fall begins to fade and the winter cold sets in, Lindt will have us covered with their new cozy and warm beverage.

It’s a combination of the cafe’s rich hot chocolate drink and matcha. It’s fragrant and has a deep flavour. It’s also made in the image of a Christmas tree with fallen snow on top, setting in that romantic white Christmas vibe.

There are two versions of the hot chocolate to choose from: bitter dark chocolate and a more sweeter milk chocolate. This is topped with a whipped cream made from matcha white chocolate, white meringue and chocolate shavings and drizzled with a bright red strawberry sauce.

At the Ginza branch of the cafe, your beverage is also topped with holly-shaped chocolate. The drink is like a dessert in itself with its combination of light and fluffy whipped cream, melt-in-the-mouth meringue and rich sauce.

All branches of the cafe will also begin selling Lindt Chrismtas chocolate from November 1.