Friday 27 May 2022

Lavazza’s new Expert System for the office offers both Espresso and drip-style coffee

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NEW YORK, U.S. — Lavazza introduces the Expert System, one of the most versatile systems in the U.S. market, delivering authentic Italian espresso, fresh milk espresso based beverages, and drip-style coffee all in one. The range of four machines – the Classy Mini, Classy Plus, Classy Pro, and Omnia – offer a full suite of espresso and coffee options for a range of office sizes, whether it be a home office or a corporate setting.

With work from home or reduced office capacities being the “new normal” in the professional world, the Expert System can match the needs of any working environment.

The Classy Mini is the perfect machine for someone desiring an authentic Italian espresso experience in their home office for a wider range of coffee options in a home or smaller office, the Classy Plus offers espresso, drip-style coffee, and fresh milk beverages.

Both the Classy Mini and Classy Plus make excellent additions to the home kitchen for the coffee lover or the whole family to enjoy. Larger offices, even operating at a reduced capacity, can utilize the Classy Pro and Omnia machines for a range of team sizes.

Standout features of the Expert System include high & low pressure for a real Italian espresso or coffee; pre-infusion brewing to achieve the intense coffee aromas and flavors; thermoblock technology for optimal temperature control during all brewing phases; the exclusive Expert capsules are packaged air tight creating a protected atmosphere to preserve the aroma and freshness of coffee; optimal quantity for the ever perfect coffee or hot drink; and excellent quality with the most refined coffee blends skillfully ground.

“The Expert System is an innovative addition to our offerings, outpacing our competitors as the only range to offer Italian espresso, fresh milk beverages, and drip-style coffee all in one,” said Davide Riboni, President & CEO BU Americas for Lavazza. “This system comes at a time when machines suited to individual and smaller offices, but with a wide range of coffee options, are in the highest demand.”

The Expert System is comprised of four machines:

  • Classy Mini – perfect for the home office, offering 2 selections of authentic Italian espresso: 1.35 fl oz. and Lungo 4 fl oz.
  • Classy Plus – Ideal for the home office or small offices to offer a wide range of coffee recipes in very little space offering 6 selections: espresso, lungo, filter coffee, macchiato, cappuccino, and latte.
  • Classy Pro – Ideal for medium offices to provide a wide range of coffee recipes for a higher volume, with 30 serving consecutive brewing and 6 selections: espresso, lungo, filter coffee, macchiato, cappuccino, and latte.
  • Omnia – Ideal for large offices to provide a wide range of coffee recipes, as well as hot beverages and hot water, for a higher volume, with 50 serving consecutive brewing and Cappuccino in 40 seconds.

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