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Lavazza professional range at Anuga 2015

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In addition to the classic espresso-based recipes and their interpretations (Espresso classico, Cappuccino, Latte, cold coffee Cremespresso), additional beverages (Orzo and Ginseng) and filter coffee, Lavazza presents:

SPECIALTIES AND ORIGINS: – ¡TIERRA!: a blend with an intense taste and chocolatey notes, made with 100% sustainable coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms and combining the excellence of the product with environmental and social sustainability. It is the result of the CSR project bearing the same name and entirely developed by the non-profit Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation. Since 2002, the project has involved over 3,000 coffee growers in 8 countries worldwide with the aim of improving social and environmental conditions, as well as production techniques, in small coffee-growing communities;

– KAFA: an exclusive 100% Arabica blend with an aromatic flavour originating in the heart of Ethiopia, precisely the Kafa region, from which the word ‘coffee’ comes from, and where it all began. The sensory experience of this coffee is as unique as its origins, making it one of the finest coffees in the world;

– ETIGUA: the first blend produced in partnership with Slow Food and emblematic of the work being carried out to safeguard Slow Food Presidia and Lavazza’s 120 years of experience in blending coffee. Etigua is a unique coffee characterised by its aromatic complexity and made in limited quantities using two coffee varieties: Harenna and Huehuetenango. The coffees grown in these two Slow Food presidia combine Ethiopian pride with the playfulness of Guatemala.

RESTAURANTS & HOTELS IN-ROOM – BLUE CAPSULES RANGE: Lavazza single-serve capsules guarantee a delicious, creamy, aromatic espresso made from a wide selection of excellent Lavazza blends ready to satisfy all tastes. Whether you prefer a richer, more intense espresso or a mellow, decaffeinated variety, a perfect, authentic Italian-style espresso, a delicious cappuccino or milder long coffee.

Thanks also to Lavazza BLUE single-serve, self-protecting capsules, it is possible to enjoy an excellent espresso at home, at work, in small or medium-sized spaces and even in large environments.

Lavazza BLUE offers more than just coffee: Lavazza capsules are also available for barley beverage, tea, chamomile, and delicate consommés in the DiPiù range. All this through user-friendly machines characterised by an innovative design and advanced technology.

The BLUE range is the ideal solution for restaurants and hotel in-room equipment, as it always guarantees an excellent coffee, even with low-rate product rotations.

In the Breakfast area, Lavazza presents the Cimbali S30 coffeemaker. It is a super-automatic espresso coffeemaker capable of brewing a wide range of recipes, also thanks to the use of soluble chocolate and the hot-and-cold milk frothing option.

Its features include: touch-screen display accommodating up to 24 beverage selections; the patented Smart Boiler system able to maximise the performance of hot water and steam; the Cappuccino System to prepare cappuccinos and other milk-based recipes at a touch of button, provided with the exclusive Milk Precision System (MilkPS) to: always guarantee the same in-the-cup amount of coffee, customise the milk temperature for each beverage selection (patented system), prepare layered beverages and also use the milk stored under the counter in specific containers.

This coffeemaker can prepare 14 different recipes using coffee, milk and chocolate: classic coffee beverages (espresso, latte, cappuccino), hot recipes (marocchino, chocolate, espresso chocolate) and cold drinks (espresso crema, cappuccino crema).

– FILTER COFFEE: Lavazza presents Gran Filtro Italian Roast and Gran Filtro Dark Roast, the products of the Filter Coffee range. The first is a blend of 100% Brazilian Arabica coffees, certified by RainForest Alliance and best brewed with filter coffeemakers.

It has a rounded flavour and is slightly acidic, with cereal notes and a persistent aftertaste. Gran Filtro Dark Roast is a 100% Arabica blend providing a full-bodied coffee with an intense flavour and hints of caramel. This Arabica blend combines the chocolatey notes of Brazilian origins with the spicy swing of Indian coffee.

– WHITTINGTON TEA: the Whittington blends cover all major aromatic families, ranging from black to green, oolong and white teas, as well as infusions. The tea blends include the Discovery Selection (40 different flavours for the most traditional range of teabags) and the Special Selection (18 blends of whole-leaf teas and infusions, individually packed in pyramid tea bags). In addition, Whittington presents the selections of Organic Bio teas for the pyramid teabag line: four prized tea blends produced from certified organic agriculture.

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