Monday 28 November 2022

Lavazza-led survey shows coffee boosts productivity when working from home

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MILAN – Lavazza, the Italian brand that is among the world’s leading roasters, conducted a week-long survey titled “Productively Brew-ding” among millennials and the Gen Z population in India. The aim was to understand how this population is currently coping with social distancing, particularly while working from home during the lockdown.

As a result, the survey results show that the respondents’ relationship with coffee goes beyond it being just a beverage; they see coffee as both, a productivity enabler in order to churn out those extra hours of work, and a companion if they decided to take a break, any time of the day.

The survey was taken by over 5,000 respondents from across all major Indian cities including Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.

“Lavazza ’s dedication has always been towards building social connections through the love for coffee. With the whole world currently under lockdown, we definitely miss socializing with our friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee and we’re sure this applies to each of us!

The intention behind the Productively Brew-ding survey was to understand how the millennial and Gen Z population is dealing with the concept of social distancing, especially working from home.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the younger sets of our population are depending on their daily dose of coffee to boost themselves up regularly.

As anticipated, over 49% millennials are missing their morning cup of coffee with their colleagues and interestingly, a massive 60% of those channelizing their productivity through coffee also associate the beverage with their happy place as per the survey,” said Rachna Anbumani, VP – Marketing, Lavazza India.

Key highlights from the survey were – for nearly half the respondents (45 per cent), a cold brew or cold coffee is their go-to lockdown coffee fix; 40 per cent of respondents feel that non-stop rounds of coffee is what keeps them productive while working from home; 49 per cent of the millennial workforce miss their morning coffee with colleagues, more than any other aspect of their morning work routine – this is especially for those who associate coffee with productivity.

This reiterates that coffee is both a productivity enabler and a companion for our millennial generation. 47 per cent of respondents love and miss the smell of coffee as they walk into their office pantry. Nearly 40 per cent prefer fixing up a snack and a coffee when taking a break from work; this beats taking a power nap (28 per cent) and a quick workout (20 per cent).

Amongst those missing meeting people outside their homes during the lockdown, 77 per cent miss a coffee date with their significant other, while 23 per cent miss family gatherings. 25 per cent of the respondents prefer to have a cup of coffee in their cozy spot with a cup of coffee in order to keep their spirits up, while 36 per cent prefer scrolling through Instagram.

For those who associate coffee with productivity (40 per cent of the total respondents), nearly 60 per cent of them rely on coffee to keep themselves happy. Once again, coffee also serves as a relaxing companion. A whopping 68 per cent prefer some form of coffee (whether hot or cold) to get them through an all-nighter; contrary to popular belief, only 14 per cent in total would opt for an energy drink.

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