Sunday 03 July 2022

Lavazza is again one of the world’s Top 100 most reputable companies

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DUBAI, UAE — In 2022, Lavazza is again one of the world’s Top 100 most reputable companies according to the “2022 Global RepTrak” ranking published by The RepTrak Company, which specialises in the measurement of Corporate Reputation in the eyes of public opinion.

Lavazza consolidates its position with a score – at global level – of 73.9 (‘Strong’ tier) and gains six places in the overall ranking, rising to 47th. The fifth-ranking Italian company, at local level Lavazza climbs to the Excellent Reputation tier with a score of over 80.

For the second year running, it is the only Top 100 company working in the beverage segment and outperforms the average in the Food&Beverage sector by 2.0 points.

Global RepTrak – based on the model developed by The RepTrak Company, the internationally recognised standard for measuring Corporate Reputation – is the world’s largest study on the perception of Corporate Reputation.

It measures over 150 companies, with an overall total of 250,000 perception and sentiment data points provided by consumers in 15 countries (Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Russia, United States, Canada, China, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Mexico).

Taken as a whole, the “2022 Global RepTrak” study reveals that Corporate Reputation has shrunk globally by 0.7 points compared with 2021, which saw the continuation of the healthcare emergency caused by the pandemic but was at the same time characterised by the growing expectations of citizens towards companies, which are seen as key players in ensuring the “return to normality”.

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