Thursday 07 July 2022

Lavazza India launches project to spread the love for coffee on Valentine’s Week

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MUMBAI, India – Lavazza, the Italian brand that is among the world’s leading roasters, kickstarted the Valentine’s Week celebrations on 11th February 2020. With the objective of spreading some love for coffee, Lavazza India has curated a project which includes exclusive training sessions and a survey to gather interesting insights around coffee drinking habits among the Indian millennial and Gen-Z population.

The workshop was conducted by expert Lavazza trainers and it involved coffee enthusiasts and the media across three main cities including Bengaluru, New Delhi and Kolkata. The aim of each was to educate coffee lovers on the cup of ‘café latte’.

The two-hour workshop provided information on the origin of latte and the processes involved in order to brew and consume latte in the right way. The event also included a fun latte art corner installed, where hosts learnt precious techniques to create the perfect milk foaming and tried out Valentine’s Day inspired latte art designs.

The objective of the survey ‘Brewing Conversations’ consists in finding out what coffee represents for consumers: whether coffee is a motivator – an agent that becomes the reason for a conversation, or a companion – a source of comfort or of energy which can accompany you along a conversation. This survey is built to understand how millennials and Gen-Z relate to coffee in their daily relationships and lives.

“Coffee has always been a drink which brings people together; it goes beyond being just a beverage, it is a connector. Our initiative aims to create the same feeling by bringing coffee lovers under the same roof to celebrate and reflect on the power of coffee in our lives.

Although we consume coffee every day, not many of us give a thought on what it takes to brew one perfect cup of coffee or the difference between a cappuccino or a latte. With this project, Lavazza aims to spread the love out for a perfect cup of coffee”, commented Rachna Anbumani, Vice-President, Marketing – Lavazza India.

Lavazza has always attempted to take its customers beyond a cup of cappuccino and introduce them to new variants of coffee from across the world; especially with India’s millennial population embracing the new wave of coffee in a predominantly chai-obsessed nation, Lavazza’s intention is to instill knowledge and passion towards making barista-style coffee at home.

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