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Lavazza home range at Anuga 2015

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In addition to the most representative blends of the Lavazza Home range, such as Qualità Oro, Qualità Rossa, Caffè Espresso, Crema e Aroma, Caffè Crema Dolce, Caffè Crema Gustoso and Espresso Cremoso, Lavazza presents:

A MODO MIO It is the exclusive Lavazza system including coffeemakers and special self-protecting, vacuum-packed single-serve capsules, containing the prized Lavazza blends specifically created for this system. Over the years, new coffeemakers have been added to the A Modo Mio range, which has been progressively extended and entirely revamped: within this range there is a line of coffeemakers that also makes coffee-based recipes (Minù, Minù Caffelatte, Espria, Espria Plus, Magia and Fantasia) and barley and ginseng beverages.

Espresso quality is guaranteed by Lavazza. The Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules, which enshrine 120 years of the company’s passion and expertise, include a wide range of fine blends to meet the tastes of all consumers: Passionale, Intenso, Delizioso, Dek Cremoso, Soave, Magia, Divino, Lungo Dolce, Lungo Lieve, Tierra, Vigoroso, and the most recent Orzo and Ginseng.

THE GREAT CLASSICS – QUALITÀ ORO is Lavazza’s first blend, created in 1956 by Luigi Lavazza, and handed down from father to son for over 50 years. Luigi’s idea was to blend different coffee origins, coming from distant lands, to create a unique, perfect aroma characterised by a combination of sweetness and smoothness: the excellence of the Qualità Oro blend is the result of years of experience, and the selection of the best coffee origins yields an unmistakable flavour. Lavazza Qualità Oro is a 100% Arabica blend of coffees mainly from Latin America. It has a sweet and aromatic taste, with notes of flowers and fruits and hints of malt and honey.

INSTANT COFFEE – PRONTISSIMO: the first premium Italian-style instant coffee. Its micro-granules encapsulate the rich and all-encompassing taste of 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia, creating an excellent blend of perfectly roasted and ground coffee. The ideal product for those who want to try a real Italian coffee experience, without compromising on the convenience of instant coffee, Prontissimo is available in two versions: Prontissimo Medio, which is a sweeter and smoother coffee with hints of cereals and malt, and Prontissimo Intenso, which is well-balanced with notes of caramel.

SPECIALTIES & FILTER COFFEE – ¡TIERRA!: an intense taste with chocolatey notes for a blend dedicated to the Roast&Ground segment made of sustainable coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. It combines the excellence of the product and its environmental and social sustainability. ¡Tierra! is the result of the CSR project bearing the same name and entirely developed by the non-profit Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation.

– FILTRO ITALIANO DELICATO: thanks to its aromas, smoothness and velvety texture, the new Lavazza Filtro Italiano expresses all the pleasure of an Italian coffee with a lighter taste. It is best enjoyed in a mug or brewed with traditional filter coffeemakers. Filtro Italiano Delicato combines the aromas of South American coffees: full body and a sweet taste of Brazilian Arabica combines with the chocolatey finish of a selection of Robusta coffees. Filtro Italiano Delicato can be enjoyed everyday, anytime, for a delicate and light moment of pleasure.

– FILTRO ITALIANO TRADIZIONALE: this well-balanced and rich coffee is perfect for those who want to enjoy an intense moment of pleasure, cup after cup: it is the ideal blend for traditional filter coffeemakers. Filtro Italiano Tradizionale is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees, selected by Lavazza to offer a medium intensity taste and persistent notes of dried fruit. This blend allows a slower brewing time with filter coffeemakers to enhance the coffee’s unique and lingering fragrance.

– SOFT PACK FILTER: this filter coffee range includes three different products: Filtro Delicato, Filtro Vivace and Filtro Intenso.

The rich and balanced Filtro Delicato is made of 100% Arabica coffees from Brazil. Lavazza’s careful roasting process brings out the typical aroma of cereals and notes of toasted dried fruit.

Filtro Vivace is aromatic, fragrant and sweet, ideal for those who prefer a delicate coffee with a velvety texture and notes of milk chocolate.

This blend — a selection of Southeast Asian coffees — offers a smooth taste, a round aroma and a flavour reminiscent of dried fruit.

Filtro Intenso is a full-bodied coffee, ideal to enjoy the real taste of an all-Italian coffee.

This blend is the outcome of a through process to select the best coffee beans from three continents, and offer an outstanding product: the Robusta coffees from Latin America, Africa and South East Asia develop an intense taste and a full body with a persistent finish of dark chocolate, whereas the Brazilian Arabicas add hints of hazelnut.

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