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Lavazza and Ferran Adrià explore coffee beyond borders with new book, Coffee Sapiens

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Lavazza and Ferran Adrià Explore Coffee Beyond Borders With New Book, Coffee Sapiens

NEW YORK, U.S. — “Understand to innovate” is the philosophy that Ferran Adrià, elBullifoundation’s founder and Bullipedia creator, has incorporated into his new book, Coffee Sapiens. The book is part of Adrià’s Bullipedia encyclopedia project about Western fine dining and features the pivotal contribution of Lavazza, the long-standing Italian coffee company. Lavazza and Adrià explore how coffee serves as a gateway to study the evolution of the world’s cultures, people’s habits and customs, and ongoing technological innovation.

Coffee Sapiens examines the vast universe of coffee, sharing research about the beverage’s ecosystem in its entirety – from development to production and consumption. The book studies the many unknown facets of coffee, including various formats and characteristics, illuminating previously unknown details about the world of coffee.

“The journey we’ve embarked on with Lavazza has encouraged me to push the limits of experimentation. The idea of being able to take coffee out of its centuries-old convictions aroused my curiosity,” said Adrià. “The Bullipedia project is a philosophy shared by the elBulli team, to show how coffee too can be unexpected and surprising, as well as stimulate research across unimaginable borders.”

The book embodies the philosophy shared by both Lavazza and the Bullifoundation: a desire to share knowledge that can be applied to various topics within the coffee industry and beyond. Recognizing that coffee is an integral part of daily life for people all over the world, Coffee Sapiens provides accessible research from accredited experts and trusted resources that can be leveraged as a handbook for professionals in the food and beverage industry, as well as for passion-driven coffee lovers.

“Right from our very first meeting, Ferran Adrià stimulated us with new insights to go beyond and see coffee through new eyes, embracing contamination and experimentation,” said Marcello Arcangeli, Head the Lavazza Training Center. “With him, we have focused on the hidden voices of coffee, which belong to all the people who work to grow, process, distribute and bring it into our everyday lives. This methodological approach has revealed new pathways, enabling us to extend our knowledge across the entire coffee matrix. Coffee Sapiens serves as an innovation accelerator for all coffee lovers.”

Coffee Sapiens is a continuation of the partnership between Lavazza and Adrià, which was founded more than 20 years ago on a shared commitment to the study and innovation of coffee. Their commitment to exquisite quality has led to the development of new techniques, concepts and tasting methods. In 2000, the Lavazza Training Center for Coffee Design was developed to help experience coffee through top gastronomy, going beyond traditional gustatory and olfactory sensory experiences.

The initiative also draws on Lavazza’s historic partnership with the Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences, the dynamic international education and research institute, which was founded on culinary excellence by the “Slow Food” movement.

Coffee Sapiens is published by Phaidon Press and is available at www.elbullistore.com and www.phaidon.com for $130, as well as at most major book stores.