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LA SPAZIALE – The S40 is the espresso coffee machine of Ultimate Barista Challenge

James Duncan and Danny “Latte” Shannon (photo) triumph in the Ultimate Barista Challenge 2014 competition, sponsored by La Spaziale USA

The contest among the best American baristas has just ended in New York, a series of challenges for the best coffee extraction, the best latte art performance, the best cocktail and espresso based “Frappé” preparation. Every Barista, competing against another contestant, is allowed ten minutes’ time for each phase to win over the audience and a severe expert judging panel, composed of coffee experts, trainers, food critics, chefs and sommeliers. The creative format of the American competition sets the goal to introduce quality coffee and high performance of baristas in high level catering world with a typical pleasure and entertainment mode.

The “Ultimate Baristas” of 2014 are James Duncan conquering the first place in the Best of Brew challenge and Danny “Latte” Shannon getting the best results in the Latte Art and Espresso Frappé section.

La Spaziale USA, with the cooperation of Jonathan Yalenti of Benfatto Coffee, provides to the baristas of Ultimate Barista Challenge 2014 the high performance offered by S40, the most complete machine series of the company. The S40 offers highly advanced technical solutions and avant-garde electronics that allow to control and monitor the correct espresso extraction.

The machine has a smart way to control operating temperature granting always a consistent energy saving and allows the possibility to set different temperatures for each delivery group. All the settings of the machine are controlled and customized thanks to the use of a “service card” which allows the perfect interaction between the machine and the professional operator, so as to satisfy the needs of the café and of its customers.

La Spaziale is an important key-reference for baristas all over the world and this why they proudly support international events like the Ultimate Barista Challenge NYC competition. The professional espresso coffee machines produced by La Spaziale grant high quality in the cup for Italian Espresso, thanks to an advanced, reliable and constant technology.

The top quality standard represented by La Spaziale is mostly evident in the production process: all machines are produced in the plants of Bologna and Jesolo (Venice) and all their components are 100% made in Italy. Every coffee machine before being available on the market for the final customers is subject to a careful and strict quality control process and is fully tested to grant a perfect efficiency on the café counter. Today with 3 venues in Italy, three abroad (USA, Brazil, Romania) and over 100 distributors in the world, La Spaziale brings to each cafè the true passion for the Quality Italian Espresso Coffee.