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La San Marco technology and design always more competitive

La San Marco show up at HOST 2015 with important innovations in the field of machines and grinders

La San Marco show up at HOST 2015 (Pav. 15, Stand B54-C61) with important innovations in the field of machines and grinders, which surely will capture the interest of visitors and business operators.

Since 1920 the company is a brilliant Italian company, which has successfully exported all over the world the great tradition of Italian espresso and today, through an established organization and efficient sales network, it is at the top of the global manufacturers of traditional coffee machines.

La San Marco is investing in innovation of grinders offering solutions as SMART INSTANT models. To the function “on demand” has been added the automatic recognition of the type of filter holding cup and then the correct amount of coffee to grind.

The technology patented SMART INSTANT allows to dose and grind the coffee beans just in time, all parts of every single coffee bean will be available to get the best extraction, thus emphasizing the organoleptic qualities of coffee in the cup, all while decreasing to a minimum the waiting times.

In this way, the barista is free from repetitive and stressful tasks that are susceptible to error as moving a lever or pushing a button.

La San Marco has not even spared in terms of the traditional espresso coffee machines, so for lovers of extreme quality of the coffee in the cup, it gives the possibility to control and program all the main operating parameters of a coffee machine.

In HOST 2015 will show the new model Multiboiler called 105 M, available in three different heights (standard, intermediate and high) to meet the needs of different markets.

This new model allows programming, separately, the temperature of extraction of coffee in each dispensing unit, regardless of the temperature of the water in the steam boiler.

In this way, it gives maximum choice in the search of the optimum temperature for the extraction of substances organoleptic characteristics of the coffee in an independent manner for each single dose and obtain a product in the cup of the highest quality.

By the way, this technology allows the operator to dispose of saturated steam and dry, essential for a perfect foaming of the milk, without compromising the stability of the temperature of the single dispensing groups.

The new 105 Multiboiler also will be allowing a more rational use of the power used and a substantial saving energy through a function activated by the user of shutdown of one or more dispensing units.

However, technology is not just inside the machine, the innovative touch screen keyboard enhanced by a new multifunction display to control settings and programming and with graphical icons is simple and easy to use.

The lighting of the work plan with multicolored LED technology makes the machine even more modern and appealing.

La San Marco recently has introduced on its 105 M model bluetooth connections that allow the operator to interact effectively and easily with the machine using an interface developed specifically for this purpose.

In HOST 2015, in our stands will be also see a newly designed machine called “DUALE”. This product is the first of its kind offering both mechanical piston style lever operation and volumetric rotary pump brewing method, all within the same machine.

Again regarding of dispensing lever machines, a technology in which La San Marco is a leading globally recognized, will show an important innovation (patent pending) that enhances even more this system of extraction of the coffee.

This new technology called CLASS introduces a control system of the lever which improves and facilitates the use by introducing a different feeling with the using of this type of machines.

All news will be not only visible but also testable in the field. In HOST 2015 at the stands of La San Marco you can try the new 105 M and a machine “LEVA” technology CLASS both combined with a grinder model SMART INSTANT.

HOST 2015 will be the right opportunity to historical brand La San Marco to prove once again that the culture technique and planning are not only tradition, but everyday reality.

An experience that is renewed every day and that is expressed in the work of a team that is designing, studying and realizing the La San Marco espresso coffee machines.