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La San Marco «D»: an electronic masterpiece for the 100th anniversary

«D», the new high-end electronic model by La San Marco, made its world début during a digital event attended by more than 350 people joining from across the globe. Automotive design inspiration and state-of-the-art technology are the characteristics of this masterpiece that is able to give the most demanding baristas personalised extraction and the highest performance

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MILAN – La San Marco celebrates 100 years of activity. The historic company based in Gradisca d’Isonzo (Gorizia) has contributed to the global success of the great Italian espresso coffee tradition and today is a world-leading coffee machine brand. To celebrate this important milestone, the company presents «D», the new high-end electronic model dedicated to coffee professionals. The machine made its international début the past 21 January during a live digital event organised by the company and attended by more than 350 people.

Developed internally by the La San Marco R&D division, «D» represents the highest expression of the brand’s style and technique and thanks to its advanced features is setting out to become the new benchmark for professional electronic extraction.

The great new feature consists in the fact that it gives users the ability to choose personalised temperature and pressure profiles during all coffee extraction stages. This allows users to control step by step all the parameters that impact on the quality and the sensorial profile of a cup of coffee, enhancing the characteristics of each blend and single-origin coffee.

State-of-the-art technology

“We started by asking ourselves a simple question – explains Roberto Nocera, CEO of La San Marco. How can we reproduce the much-appreciated extraction profile typical of our lever machines in an electronic coffee machine? We developed a new electronic control system that allows baristas to easily and intuitively programme the pressure profile and the temperature curve they prefer, as well as visually monitor the result during coffee making. Then we thought we could do even better.

Roberto Nocera, CEO of La San Marco

So, we decided to give the user the chance to choose among three different extraction profiles, and even programme their own new unique and personalised profiles”. The result is a fun and hugely satisfactory machine that gives baristas unprecedented performance and guidance. A real masterpiece.

Automotive inspired design

Reference to the automotive sector is expressed not just by the possibility for the user to interact with the machine, but also by the design clearly inspired by the automotive world. The design is, once again, the work of Marco Bonetto, from Bonetto Design, who collaborated with La San Marco to create the V6 models and the 20/20 Collection: “With «D» we have sought to bring together the concepts of elegance, tradition, and lightness. The lines are well defined and bold but at the same time light and clean. The aesthetics are smooth and neutral, to blend in with the different settings, from cafés to luxury hotels”.

Marco Bonetto at HostMilano 2019

The most characteristic features include the new floating touch screen display, which incorporates all the machine’s functions, and the LED lighting system, which defines the edges of the cup warmer surface and creates a great visual effect in the work area.

Lower consumption

Thanks to the energy saving solutions implemented during the planning stage, the new La San Marco «D» uses less energy reducing consumption by 35% compared to other less sophisticated electronic models operating under the same conditions.

A rear view of the three-group model

This is achieved by isolating the boilers, pre-heating incoming water by exploiting the motor pump’s cooling system and reducing the exposed hot surfaces inside the machine to a minimum.

La San Marco «D»: Variants and accessories

La San Marco «D» is available with 2 or 3 dispenser groups and in three different variants: Multiboiler with programmable temperature and pressure, Multiboiler with programmable temperature only, and Single Boiler with heat exchangers. With this machine La San Marco offers a range of useful accessories, such as the continuous steam wand (FTL technology), the cold touch steam wand, the electric cup warmer, and the remote connection module to program and control the machine from a distance using the La San Marco proprietary app.

Colour range

La San Marco new electronic model is available in a range of different colours in combination with the black matt surfaces. From the classic and elegant Pearl White to the sportier and more characteristic Brown Coffee and British Green.

A side view of the Pearl White version

About La San Marco SpA

Established in Udine in 1920, La San Marco SpA is an Italian company that has contributed to successfully exporting the great tradition of Italian espresso throughout the world. Today it is among the top coffee machine producers in the world.

The company is based in Gradisca d’Isonzo, Italy, where it combines traditions and techniques almost a century old with the latest and most innovative technologies, thus contributing to the evolution of the entire sector, constantly proposing new and revolutionary cutting-edge solutions.

Among these is the exclusive patented LEVA CLASS© (Control Lever Anti-Shock System), specifically developed for traditional lever machines, for which La San Marco is internationally renowned as a world leader in the sector.

Today La San Marco produces a vast range of professional espresso machines – appreciated for their great reliability, elegant design and the quality of the coffee they produce – pod coffee machines, coffee grinder/dispensers and other equipment for bars, restaurants and hotels located in over 120 different countries around the world. The company’s most recent innovations include ACT, SMART, the prestigious Leva Luxury and the revolutionary dual-sided V6. In 2021 the company introduced «D», the coffee machine dedicated to the 100th anniversary.

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