Tuesday 27 September 2022

La Marzocco’s Ceo Bernardinelli, states: «De’Longhi S.p.a. has no stake in the company»

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MILAN – The latest issue of Corriere Economia, a supplement to Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading newspaper, devoted an article to La Marzocco, a world-renowned Italian company specializing in high-end espresso coffee machines, based in Scarperia (Florence), Italy.

The article also reported some inaccuracies to which the company’s CEO Guido Bernardinelli replied with the following statement, issued on Monday, February 8th.

“With regard to the article published in Corriere della Sera’s supplement Corriere Economia, I wish to point out that De’ Longhi S.p.A. and its affiliates do not hold any stake in La Marzocco.

On the other hand, a financial stake in the capital of La Marzocco is held by De’Longhi Industrial S.A.

The statement was signed by Guido Bernardinelli – La Marzocco International LLC – CEO.

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