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La Marzocco teams with Pixvana to give café owners a virtual view of café flow


SEATTLE, U.S. – Pixvana, an XR platform and solutions provider specializing in corporate learning and training, and La Marzocco, a world leader in espresso machine innovation since 1927, today announced they have partnered to create an immersive learning café experience that spotlights the importance of optimizing customer and barista flow in the modern café.

“Optimizing operational flow is crucial to creating a profitable coffee shop business,” said Scott Callendar, VP of Marketing and Consumer Strategy at La Marzocco. “Using immersive experiences, café owners gain a real sense of presence within the shop so they can better understand the best ways to physically integrate the espresso machine into daily operations. This life-like experience transports them into a setting where they can see firsthand, the benefits of integrating streamlined process functions and flows into their operations.”

The custom interactive experience built with XR tools and features uses 360° footage shot at various café locations around the country and at Crush the Rush, an annual barista competition that takes place in five U.S. cities. The experience assists café owners by offering a clearer understanding of how optimal spatial flow and streamlined use of espresso machines impacts sales and customer relations. Owners use the experience to make changes to their operation that result in shorter wait times for customers and that increase the number of customers served. In addition to depicting a more efficient café space, the experience also helps baristas prepare for work in a live café setting.

“This unique project underscores the power of immersive presence that only the XR medium can create,” said Aaron Rhodes, Executive Producer at Pixvana. “Café owners and baristas can actually experience the bustle of a busy shop and be among their customers as they move throughout the space. The experience improves processes and flows, which in turn enhances efficiencies for the business and customers. It’s truly a revolutionary use of technology in the coffee industry.”

The immersive learning experience also offers café owners a nuanced look at the shifts that have occurred in the coffee business industry – from selecting and sourcing the best beans, to faster brewing techniques, to the production of a higher quality cup of coffee.

La Marzocco will use the immersive experience as a sales and customer relations tool going forward. Pixvana ’s SPIN Studio, a cloud-powered XR-native platform, makes it easy for La Marzocco to scale this experience beyond the headset. With a click of a button, La Marzocco can share the experience to fleets of learners on mobile devices, laptops, or even big screen TVs.

“This immersive experience is truly unique and something every café owner should use,” said Andrew Milstead, owner of Milstead & Co. “With zero downtime I had the opportunity to see firsthand how improving workflows can create a more efficient café – and pay dividends to store profits and customer satisfaction. This life-like experience will give café owners a new perspective on store and customer dynamics that will benefit their business in many ways.”

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