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La Marzocco supports Barista Connect, a stimulating coffee women event

SCARPERIA, Italy – La Marzocco is proud to announce its partnership with Barista Connect – aimed at gathering and empowering women from the global coffee community to exchange knowledge, experiences and build long lasting professional connections.

The ultimate goal of the event, founded by Sonja Zweidick, is to enable and inspire women through a unique, dynamic environment where each participant can be involved in engaging activities such as lectures, debates, sensory and hands-on sessions in the company of market leaders.

After a successful debut in Aarhus, then in London, Barista Connect is being hosted this year in the Austrian capital, by the specialty coffee shop Kaffee Suessmund.

For the occasion, La Marzocco is providing a revolutionary Strada EP espresso machine model for the workshop on “Cold Brew & Pressure Profiling”, taking place Saturday, August 5, from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Topics range from service, social media and barista competitions, to natural wine, (green) coffee innovation and chocolate.

The speaker line-up consists of an influential, varied group of experts from the industry: Christina Meinl (Julius Meinl), Petra Davies Vesela (Kavove Kurzy), Nora Smahelova (Chapter One Coffee / Coffee Profilers), Gwilym Davies (Prufrock / gwilymdavies.com), Erna Tosberg (Roest Bar), Petra Strelecka (Industra Coffee), Spencer Hyman (Cocoa Runners), Simone Koening (Cafe Imports).


Barista Connect


4-6 August


Kaffee Süssmund

Address: Dominikanerbastei 11, Vienna 1010, Austria

For further information, visit baristaconnect.com | lamarzocco.com