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La Marzocco launches the 2017 Hungarian AeroPress Championship

BUDAPEST – La Marzocco joins the specialty coffee industry in Budapest during World of Coffee and – in collaboration with La Marzocco ‘s Hungarian partner Expresso Café Kft and 42 Coffee – launches the 2017 edition of the Hungarian AeroPress Championship.

The program will offer a unique opportunity to gather, network and engage with market leaders, baristas and coffee enthusiasts – as well as experience the latest trends in coffee equipment, alliances, lifestyle and business.

Tuesday June 13, 7pm | Hungarian AeroPress Championship @ Brody Studios – Vörösmarty u. 38 | 1064

The original atelier-like venue of Brody Studios will play host to the competition (at 8 pm) – in co-sponsorship with Expresso Café Kft, Black Sheep, BWT, Falcon Specialty, 42 Coffee and ReflexShop – to be followed by an evening filled with entertainment, beverages, small bites and party vibes.

This will be the occasion to be involved in one of the most fresh, interactive, community-driven competition formats in coffee: World AeroPress Championship. The national champion will have in store a trip to Seoul for the “WAC” finale in November.

For further information on the Hungarian AeroPress Championship and to take part in it, visit La Marzocco’s “upcoming events” page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaMarzocco/.

World of Coffee

Additionally, on-site the tradeshow at World of Coffee (13-15 June, Hungexpo), from Tuesday through Thursday, La Marzocco machines will be showcased on the booths of various partner exhibitors – Ally Coffee, Bagira, Beyond the Bean, Bonanza, BWT, Dorigen, Mahlkoenig, etc. – including the Linea Classic, Linea PB, Linea Mini and the latest espresso brewing technologies such as the Strada AV – Auto Brew Ratio and the new MP conical valves on the Strada and GS3 models.

The modular bar system, Modbar, will also be presented at the show together with Goosebumps, and operated by a local and international rotating roasters platform.