Tuesday 30 May 2023

Kundalini Coffee disruptive innovation creates the new normal in coffee roasting

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MILAN – Asked to summarize Kundalini Coffee, Julia Yim President Founder and COO says, “breakthrough innovation”. Most all large scale coffee is roasted using a process known as Drum Roasting. The process after roasting the coffee bean, has an additional process called after burning. Industrial afterburners are used to burn off volatile gases, created in the coffee bean roasting process.

The after burning process alone uses up to 5 times more gas than was required to roast the coffee to begin with. The equivalent is a 400 horse power car driven hard flat stick for one hour.

Coffee universe and other industry experts and writers have equated the life cycle assessment (LCA) full process to deliver a single cup of coffee is around 1.94 megajoules (MJ), or about half a kilowatt hour, which, trust us, is a lot!

Kundalini Coffee has disrupted this, and eliminated after burning and drum roasting from its business. Kundalini Coffee is taking a right turn of the Coffee industry conventional roundabout. The company made the conscious choice to pursue more modern sophisticated advancements in coffee bean roasting, more advanced methods.

Kundalini Coffee has also removed the need to drive coffee vast distances. An in store smokeless coffee bean roastingsolution, allows retailers to roast coffee were the espresso is being served, for a fresher coffee. No need to drive roast coffee vast distances and into supply chains.

Large scale coffee roasting today, is still using processes the described process of drum roasting. It is a coffee bean roasting method that has been around since the early 1900’s.

Ms. Yim, says, “Kundalini Coffee is provider of innovative organic coffee solutions for green-focused businesses, who adopt unconventionally. We align with businesses who target breakthrough innovations and greenhouse emission reductions, and like to be ahead of the curve.

We source coffee beans from women owned farms, and even sacred regions, instead of for their geographical attributes. We are women owned ourselves, a win-win for diversity.

We exist with a vision to give to a cause, extend consumers daily coffee spend beyond the cup, and beyond the enjoyment of their coffee. Kundalini Coffee give back 10% to saving the animals, creating animal sanctuaries, and environmental charities”.

The women owned company is being well embraced by retail innovators. Kundalini Coffee offers in-store retail Espresso, Coffee Tea Juice Kiosks, fully integrated services, from start to finish.

“We conceptualize, design, prototype, validate, and roll out products,” says Yim. “Kundalini Coffee started in the USA, providing Coffee made to order inside Big Box Grocery locations. Today, the company has evolved to providing global car brands, certified carbon free coffee kiosks in their service lounge on a private label basis. Kundalini Coffee Certified Carbon Free coffee, aligns car brands with their electric cars and vehicle emission targets for carbon reductions”.

The onboarding process for car dealers is all automated from the Carbon Free Coffee, with credit card check out. “We are Agile as a company,” says Yim, who herself spent years working in Management for large companies with over 400B$ in assets under management.

“Today we have a new office and presence in Melbourne Australia too. Retailers all over the world can now depend on Kundalini Coffee for an in store made to order beverage solution, for their customers,” Julia Yim says.

“Kundalini Coffee drives a cause bigger than coffee. Emerging as the green solution in Coffee. We have A plug and play Coffee Tea and Juice kiosk solution, and a global equipment and support network, of 70,000 people worldwide. We have imagined the future and created a new curb and trajectory for the coffee industry, and carbon emission reduction is not going away”.

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