Thursday 05 October 2023

Kruve: the sifter for achieving a homogeneous micron grind

The only thing that remains to do is to find it online, on the website here, at the price of 79,90 dollars

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MILAN – Grinding is an essential step for the ideal cup (or filter). Grinders are not always able to return a completely homogeneous powder. The solution lies in another tool, created by the company’s Kruve team of engineers, product developers, designers, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs.

Kruve: the sifter base with 5 GRIND Sieves, perfect for those that are getting into Brewing their own coffee

What is Kruve able to do? Many things, it’s a real helper for baristas that wants to create accurate coffee recipes and then to be able to replicate them with consistency, measuring the exact grind size in quantifiable micron units.

Kruve allows you to have a precise calibration of what has been grounded. It’s possibile to quantify arbitrary numbers on a dial or settings like “Fine, Medium, Coarse”.

The final risult? The consistent grind size could refine a greater consistency and using only the size of particles that barista wants for a truly even extraction.

Kruve is customizable

Up to 105 precise grind size combinations are available.

But it’s also a tool versatile that works with any brew method or grinder, optimized for 1-4 cups of coffee (10-80g of grounds).

Obviously Kruve is designed using long-lasting quality materials and it’s easy to clean simply rinse under warm water, but not in the dishwasher safe.

Krive comes with two tiers and 5 interchangeable grind sieves. A barista can choose to select the precision he needs, regardless of the brew method or grinder used.

Now with a FREE BREWLER a handy stainless steel measuring tool that lets you quickly reference the size of green beans and coffee grind.

The only thing that remains to do is to find it online, on the website here, at the price of 79,90 dollars.

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