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Krispy Kreme introduces first-ever caramel glaze for a limited time beginning Nov 9

Krispy Kreme

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., U.S. – Krispy Kreme is helping fans melt away from 2020 and into a delicious and creamy world by introducing an all-new glaze flavor: caramel. Combining the melt-in-your-mouth experience of an Original Glazed® Doughnut with silky, decadent caramel, Krispy Kreme’s new Caramel Glazed Doughnut and Salted Double Caramel Crunch Doughnut are available starting Nov. 9 for a limited-time at participating shops across the U.S.

Krispy Kreme has transformed its iconic glaze waterfall with caramel and the results are glorious:

  • Caramel Glazed Doughnut: the classic Original Glazed® Doughnut covered in rich caramel glaze.
  • Salted Double Caramel Crunch Doughnut: the Caramel Glazed Doughnut dipped in rich caramel icing, and sprinkled with salted crunch topping.
  • Caramel is the latest in a lineup of innovative glaze flavors Krispy Kreme has introduced in recent years, including chocolate, lemon, blueberry, strawberry and coffee.

“There are a lot of caramel lovers out there and if you’re one of them, this doughnut is going to blow your mind,” said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme. “It’s incredibly delicious and you’re going to need to take a moment for yourself and just be one with caramel awesomeness. It’s been a year, to say the least. You’ve earned it.”

Share your caramel glaze moment with Krispy Kreme’s Caramel Glazed Doughnuts by using #KrispyKreme and tagging @krispykreme. For more information about the new Krispy Kreme Caramel Glazed Doughnuts, visit www.krispykreme.com/promos/caramelglaze.